Kaliningrad carriers because of problems with the transit through Poland looking for new routes

Kaliningrad carriers because of problems with the transit through Poland looking for new routes

KALININGRAD, February 9. Transport companies of the Kaliningrad region due to the unresolved issue of transit through Poland began the delivery of cargo from Europe to the region through alternative routes. On it have informed on Tuesday the representative of the Kaliningrad Trading-industrial chamber (KTPP) Leonid Stepanyuk.

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“We went to Poland, went to Lithuania, have agreed with warehouses, with our partners and refocused the threads. Now Polish the goods are actually in Lithuania, and we pick out,” said Stepanyuk. The problem of transit of goods from other European countries in the region is also solved with the use of the line ferry in Kiel (Germany) – Klaipeda (Lithuania) to bypass Poland. Lithuania became a “turntable” base for goods from Europe and Poland to Kaliningrad and back, he added.

Use workarounds to do transport by 30% – 50% or even 100% more. “Ferry direction, according to our calculations, increases the cost of transit by about 50%”, – said the representative of the DEP. If you use the ferry time of delivery does not change. Overland itineraries “at least 500 km long former”, and this increases the delivery time of goods in 1-2 days, the expert added.

Stepaniuc stressed that the problem with the delivery goods because of the unresolved problems with Poland for European and Polish destinations. Terms of delivery of cargoes from the region to Russia via Lithuania and Belarus, according to him, has not changed.

The DEP representative noted that the Kaliningrad oblast due to the exclusion of the territory is in a unique situation and it needs to be addressed separately. One way could be the organization of ferry transportations from Baltiysk (Kaliningrad region) in the German Sassnitz and Kiel and Klaipeda (Lithuania). Appropriate treatment, according to him, directed to the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, but the issue is not yet resolved.

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February 1 has expired permits for cargo transportation, which annually between Russia and Poland. The advance parties failed to reach agreement on new permissions, so the truckers of the two countries since the beginning of the month can’t cross the border. The negotiations on this issue continued in Warsaw for three days. On 3 February it became known that the parties are unable to agree.

Poland was unhappy with the adoption of the Russian Federation legislative and normative acts regulating monitoring of the implementation on the territory of the Russian international road haulage by foreign vehicles, including transport of goods from third countries.

According to the Russian side, the new law eliminated the existing deficiencies in the national regulatory framework, using which unscrupulous foreign carriers imported from third countries to Russia goods under cover of preferential bilateral mode of transportation. The Polish side is concerned that this rule would limit the shipment of goods produced on the territory of Poland by companies registered in other countries. The new round of negotiations should pass in Russia.

How inform Polish experts, each day of downtime costs the Polish transport sector to 6 million zlotys ($1.5 million). According to the Association of international road carriers of Poland, formerly in the Russian Federation from the Republic was daily driven about 600 trucks. Each of them earns, on average, for the carriage of goods of €2.5 thousand per day.

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