Marine Le Pen has announced his decision to run for President of France

Marine Le Pen, leader of the French party “national front”, decided to nominate his candidacy in the French presidential elections, which will take place in 2017. Of its decision the politician has declared on air of TV channel TF1.

The politician said it would be “a candidate from the truth” in the elections of 2017.

“Yes, I am a candidate in the presidential elections of 2017. I am the candidate who will defend the truth,” said marine Le Pen. She stressed that the political life of France needs “people who believe in their beliefs”.

Marine Le Pen, has headed the far-right party “national front”, founded by her father Jean-Marie Le pen in 2011. Last year in regional elections, the front national, which in the first round ahead of main rivals from the Socialist party and the Republicans led by Nicolas Sarkozy, according to the results of the second round took the third place, having failed to win a majority in any of the regional parliaments.

After the first round, marine Le Pen called the results of the historic elections, saying that the front national is the only party which can protect the French people in the face of rising terrorist threats. After losing to Le Pen stated that the growth of nationalist sentiment in the country, “relentless”.