Navalny was suspected in the Yakunin family enrichment at the expense of magazines for Russian Railways

According to the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK), publishing of journals “Sapsan” and “the SAC-SV” (first distributed in trains “Sapsan”, and the second — in sleeper carriages) the company OOO “Reklamotiv” who works with the Railways since 2010.

According to the extract from the register referenced by the FBC, the owner of 100% of the company was a Cyprus offshore company Truban Co Ltd. After the resignation Yakunin as Russian Railways, says the Fund, the offshore company has reduced its share in LLC “Reklamotiv” up to 18%. Shareholders Truban Co Ltd., according to the Cyprus registry of legal entities, offshore companies are Verlys Nominees Limited and V. R. L. Nominees Limited.

FBC also contends that the family business is due Yakunina and LLC “Business Dialogue” — a contractor who is engaged in the organization of forums, conferences and trainings for the Railways. This company, according to Fund Navalny has won the tenders of Russian Railways in the amount of 1 billion rubles According to the register of legal entities, which led BCF, 25% of the company “Business Dialogue” belongs to the Cyprus offshore Trussland Co. LTD. And he, according to the Cyprus registry of legal entities, is also owned by a Cyprus offshore Verlys Nominees Limited and V. R. L. Nominees Limited.

According to FBK, a Cypriot company Verlys Nominees Limited and V. R. L. Nominees Limited is the nominee holders that conceal the real owners of the assets. The same company previously called as the founders of the Cyprus company RHC Regional Hotel Chain Ltd, which belongs to LLC “Regional hotel chain” is one of the projects of the Fund VIY Management. Managing partner at VIY Management – Andrei Yakunin, son of Vladimir Yakunin.

In his latest investigation FBC also writes about the yacht Lady Mariposa, which, according to the Foundation, belongs to the family of the former head of the Railways. In particular, the Foundation referred to the comments under the post grandson of Vladimir Yakunin, Igor, who in response to the question about whose boat is pictured in the photo, said that she belongs to his father and wrote her name. “Yakunina are mentioned as owners in thematic publications and even the website of the yacht was originally registered on Andrey Yakunin personally”, — stated in the FBC. Also the Fund as evidence of belonging of the yacht Yakunin published, in particular, photographs in which the “son, grandson and granddaughter of Vladimir Yakunin,” are at the helm of the yacht.

asked the representative of Vladimir Yakunin to comment on the investigation of the FBC. However, at the time of publication of the review material was not provided.

Last Friday the founder FBK Alexei Navalny said that the interior Ministry began checking the statements of the Fund about the possible involvement of the former head of the Railways to corruption. As explained Navalny, in particular, relates to test conducted in 2014 work on the laying of the geogrid to strengthen the Foundation of Railways, as well as sales of electronic tickets.