Putin: difficulties in the Russian economy are overcome the best or a satisfactory result

Putin: difficulties in the Russian economy are overcome the best or a satisfactory result

MOSCOW, February 9. The situation in the Russian economy is not catastrophic, the difficulties are overcome. This opinion was expressed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, opening the meeting in the Kremlin with President of Federation of independent trade unions of Russia (FNPR) Mikhail Shmakov.

“The situation we have, on the one hand, not easy, but at the same time no, thank God, catastrophe is not happening”, – said the head of state. “There are current difficulties, overcome them all with the best or a satisfactory result,” added Putin.

The President noted that the trade unions have questions as to employers and to the government, Shmakov has suggested to discuss these topics.

The situation on the labour market

Putin also expressed the need to react to the situation on the labour market and made possible for the trade unions the right to sue in behalf of an uncertain number of workers.

“Most importantly, we must respond to changes in the labour market. This is absolutely accurate and correct. We are really quite low, it is absolutely an acceptable level of unemployment, but given the turbulent situations in the economy, we understand that potential and progress. We should be ready for any changes in the labor market”, – said Putin.

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Shmakov has noticed that a number of public organizations, for example, to protect the rights of consumers, have the legislative ability to protect the interests of an indefinite circle of people. the Unions also have to work with individual lawsuits. According to the head of the FNPR trade unions should be given the opportunity “to file a lawsuit against an indefinite number of persons for elimination of the violations of the law, which sometimes allowed”. “We would ask that the State legal Directorate of the President together with us looked and developed this issue”, – Shmakov appealed to Putin.

The head of state noted that the proposal “can be considered”. “But we understand that there are certain issues that you need to consider, work through,” said Putin, noting, for example, that the compensation of these rights can contact the people whose rights are not actually violated. “In General, of course, it is the task correct and properly set. The details need only to think”, – concluded the President.

Shmakov, in turn, clarified that we are talking about protection “is not in General an indefinite number of persons across the spectrum of problems, namely the rights of workers”.

The size of the minimum wage and other proposals fcpd

Chapter FNPR announced and a number of other proposals. In particular, he drew attention to the decrease of the minimum wage (SMIC) in relation to the subsistence minimum. “It is clear that this is not instantaneous, not 100%, however, the road map, what pace we will continue to improve, must be restored,” – said Shmakov.

Also, he continued, the maximum size of the unemployment benefit is now two times lower than the subsistence minimum, while the unemployment rate is slightly increases and affects, in particular, the layer of qualified personnel. “We believe and hope that this period will pass, and qualified workers once again will certainly be in demand from industry. But now, to survive these difficult times, it is necessary to increase the upper limit of unemployment benefits to qualified employees this benefit is supported, so that they were poised not to lose their skills,” said Union leader.

Another proposal concerns Shmakov freezing various payments and charges. “In particular, it is difficult now receiving increased payments of property tax on cadastral value for citizens. I understand the complexity of the budget, but I think that would slow down or delay the introduction of this tax. It is clear that depend on the regional budgets, however here it is necessary to find a compromise between the solvency of the people and the needs of the budget, of course,” said the head of the FNPR.

“All the issues that You raised are important and the level of remuneration, including the minimum level, and the maintenance of solvent demand of the population, and the question of protection of interests of workers”, – said the President.