Russian Ambassador: Russia and Syria agreed on a draft agreement on the adjustment of customs tariffs

MOSCOW, February 9. Russia and Syria agreed on a draft agreement on the adjustment of customs tariffs and fees on the most popular exporters of goods. This was stated in an interview with Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Kinsac.

“There are regular contacts between relevant departments of the economic bloc, he said. – In this connection I would like to note that during the recent talks in Moscow that ended just last week, we were able to coordinate with the Syrians the draft agreement on the adjustment of customs tariffs and fees for several categories of goods, the most interesting exporters of the two countries”.

As noted Kinsac, “the launch of scheme along with optimization schemes administrative and logistics channels will allow, we hope, significantly increase the trade turnover between our countries this year”.

As another example of successful cooperation between Russia and Syria, the diplomat cited the recent opening in Latakia “Russian export-import of the village”. “This project, implemented by the private sector with government support from the Syrian side, can become the basis for a promising cluster, around which will be other businesses, he continued. – It will increase the volume of bilateral trade, including exports to Russia of Syrian agricultural products – citrus, seasonal fruits and vegetables and so on. The first deliveries have already been implemented”.

The diplomat reminded that an important role in the development of bilateral economic ties has been a Constant Russian-Syrian Commission on trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation which co-Chairman from the Russian Federation is Dmitry Rogozin.

“To go to Syria better now”

Russian business in Syria is expanding “portfolio of orders” the post-crisis period, among the studied projects – participation in construction of large pumping station on the Tigris, said the Ambassador.

“Despite the presence of objective difficulties, connected, first of all, the continuing problems in the field of security business contacts between Russia and Syria continue, he said. – Moreover, we have managed to launch a number of interesting joint projects”.

As an example of such cooperation, the Ambassador has led the Association Stroytransgaz. According to him, “it not only curtailed operations in the country in the most difficult times, but also continues to expand its “portfolio of orders” for the future”. “With a focus on post-crisis perspective the variants of connection of new major projects, e.g. the construction of a large pumping station on the Tigris river”, – he added.

Kinsac noted that the preparatory stage within the framework of such contacts usually takes several years. “I think that this time will be able to stabilize the situation in the country and resolve the security issues”, – he added.

The diplomat noted that the Embassy of the Russian Federation provides support to Russian companies in developing contacts with Syrian partners. “I take this opportunity to call on Russian businessmen to be more bold and active steps to go into Syria is better now,” he concluded.