The Ambassador spoke about the expulsion to third countries found to have links with ISIS the Russians

In interview to Agency “RIA Novosti” Charles said they were detained by the Turkish authorities, the Russians suspected of involvement in the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia, terrorist organizations) often were expelled to third countries. According to the Ambassador, if this happened, then Russia’s ability to apprehend the action “reduced to zero”.

“Very often Russian citizens suspected of belonging to ISIS, was sent from Turkey to Russia and to third countries with whom we have or do not have diplomatic relations (Georgia), or strained relations (Ukraine). If the suspect of involvement in the IG were sent to these countries, the possibilities of our actions for their detention was reduced to zero”, — quotes Agency the words Charles.

Besides Turkey, according to Charles, did not provide statistics on the detention of Russian citizens on the Turkish-Syrian border. “Often we only learned from the media that detained a group of foreigners, some of whom are Russian citizens,” said the Ambassador.

The Ambassador also noted that Turkey will not be easy to return to the Russian market after the normalization of bilateral relations. “Many of the Turkish vendors have a hard time even in the case of normalization of our relations to return to the Russian market or will never be possible, because in their place came the Egyptian, Israeli, Azerbaijani, Iranian suppliers. There is a long queue of foreign companies that would like to take this niche,” said Charles.

The Ambassador also pointed out that according to the latest data of the research Institute of Turkish Social, Economic and Political Research Foundation, due to the deterioration of relations with Russia, Turkey will lose $ 11 billion. “You cannot accuse us that Russia is exaggerated — these are figures of the Turkish side”, — he added.