The contractor Crimean power bridge got checked in the case of fraud

The police on demand of the Moscow Prosecutor’s office conducts a review of the situation of the group of companies “Metstroyservice” (CCC), owned by Alexander Muratkina – the current head of LLC “Lenelectronmash” (LAM), emerging contractor for the construction of the power bridge from Krasnodar region to Crimea. The problem was the credit from Promsvyazbank, which CAS took in 2013 for the construction of hydro power plants in Georgia, as well as the construction of transmission lines in the Vladimir region, reports the newspaper “Kommersant”.

In the “PSB” claim that all CVS received 1,427 billion rubles For these funds, according to Bank representatives, the company carried out work in the Vladimir region, however, lost the right to finish them, because it did not provide the customer data on changes in estimates. There was a new contest, which was won by LLC “Lenelectronmash”, eventually received money for work performed. Representatives of Promsvyazbank claim that the sole owner of the LAMB at that time was the son Muratkina Maxim.

As for the money for the equipment for hydro power plants in Georgia, they, according to the Bank, was the firm that belonged to a friend Muratkina Andrey Denisyuk.

Then Muradin sold to the CCC Denisyuk, and the latter declared bankruptcy of the company, which at that time owed the Bank 966 million.

The Bank’s lawyers saw in action Muratkina and Denisyuk signs of fraud and filed an application in the Department of internal Affairs of the Central administrative district (TSAO) Moscow. The police, however, considered that the conflict relates to the field of commercial disputes and must be resolved in arbitration. The lawyers then filed a complaint to the Prosecutor’s office, which found their arguments reasonable.

Muradin said the newspaper “Kommersant” that he had no reason to cheat with credit money. According to him, Denisyuk in the fall of 2013 disposed of the entire construction and financial activities of CCC, and also when changing the owner vouched for the loan as a private person.

The guide notes that in a similar situation and seemed Gazprombank, SSS granted loans at about the same time and under the same projects as the PSB. However, this financial structure has addressed with the statement in the Department of internal Affairs of South-Western administrative district of Moscow, there was initiated a criminal case on “fraud in especially large size” (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code) concerning “the unknown leaders of CCC”.