The court arrested former head of the Domodedovo airport for the terrorist attack

The intensification of the investigation

Basmanny court arrested the former managing Director of “Domodedovo airport aviation security” Andrey Danilov. The same measure of restraint, the consequence asks to appoint ex-to the Director of the airport complex of Domodedovo Vyacheslav Nekrasov, the session continues. Sunday, February 8, was arrested the former head of the Russian representative office of Airport Management Company Limited Svetlana Trishina. This company manages the airport Domodedovo.

All three were held on charges of terrorist attack in Domodedovo since 2011, but never ended up behind bars. Now the investigation has been intensified, said a source in law enforcement, but found it difficult to explain the reason for this activation.

Now top managers are accused under article “performance of works or rendering services not meeting safety requirements, and entailing by negligence death of two or more persons” (part 3 of article 238 of the Criminal code). According to investigators, the former top-managers Domodedovo to ensure the proper screening of passengers, resulting in the building of the airport on 24 January 2011 entered a suicide bomber Magomed Yevloyev.

The Prosecutor’s office against

Daniel in the court of your not guilty. His defense said that he hoped the reclassification of the case, and asked to let go of a top Manager on bail of 1.5 million rubles, or put him under house arrest. Lawyer Daniel also read out during the meeting, a statement from the group of special forces “alpha” of FSB, in which Daniel thanked for the help in the fight against terrorism.

The arrest was made by the representative of the Prosecutor’s office. He noted that the death was caused by a terrorist act and “cannot be causally related to the actions of the accused Nekrasov, Trichinae and Danilov, taking management decisions on the provision of transport services to passengers that do not meet safety requirements”. The Prosecutor is sure that the actions of Daniel should be qualified as regards 1 article 238 of the criminal code, which has expired a limitation period.

The Prosecutor also called the detention of the ex-managers Domodedovo illegal. “Analysis allows you to set the data discrepancy investigation actually occurred events. Declare the absence of guilt in the deaths and injury of people by officials,” — said the representative of the Department at the hearing (quoted by RIA Novosti).

The Prosecutor disagreed, the representative of the RCDS. “Yevloyev himself wanted to kill? Then he took the gun and shot himself. No, he wanted to kill people, went to one airport — did not work, because there are good security measures, went to another airport, too, failed, and came and went, because there was no adequate measures taken for security,” said the investigator.

The case against Trichinae, Daniel and Nekrasov was allocated in separate production in April 2015. The defendants in this case, as follows from the materials of the investigation, the consultants are registered in the Isle of man offshore Management Company Limited Airport Dmitry Kamenshchik and Valery Kogan. They are the actual owners of the Domodedovo.

The role of the accused

Svetlana Trishina, Andrey Danilov, Vyacheslav Nekrasov, and Valery Kogan are originally from the group “East Line”, which ran the airport Domodedovo. “East Line” was established in 1991 as the Soviet-Liechtenstein joint venture, uniting Ural travel Agency “Cedar” and “malachite”. The company is engaged in the air transportation, by the year 2000, she already had 50 aircraft. But in 2004 she left the aviation business and began to develop the Domodedovo airport.

Vyacheslav Nekrasov, mentioned in the June press release, TFR, also a native of “East line”, he worked in the group “East Line” from 1994, from October 2009 to December 2010 he was Director of the airport complex Domodedovo, and after that he took up the position of Executive Director of Domodedovo. Another person involved in criminal case — Andrey Danilov, — according to the SPARK database worked as the Director of “Domodedovo security”, and now — Director of CJSC “Domodedovo airport garde” structure that was previously called “East Line guard”.

“Domodedovo security” until 2014 belonged to the company “airport Management company limited”, the former head of the RCDS which calls Svetlana Trishina and “airport Management company limited”, according to the press releases Domodedovo, belonged to the company “East Line”. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the group “East Line” was Valery Kogan, now Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the airport Domodedovo.

In February 2011 then-President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered Prosecutor General Yury Chaika a separate report on the owners of the airport. The main responsibility for anti-terrorist security rests with law enforcement, but also commercial organizations responsible for those facilities that serve, the company should be open to dialogue and not to hide behind complicated ownership structure, said Medvedev. “In Domodedovo sorted out? Who is the owner? he asked the Seagulls. — Is the answer?” In response to these questions Seagull then nodded.

In September 2013, Domodedovo has announced that its ultimate beneficiary is the Chairman of the Board of Directors Dmitry Kamenshchik.

In an interview with the newspaper “Vedomosti” on 20 October 2014 the Kamenshchik said that the only the owner of Domodedovo itself, and its operations are monitored by the head of the Supervisory Board Valery Kogan, who has no stake in the company.

Old case

Trishina, Danilov and Nekrasov had previously appeared in the case of violation of requirements of transport safety. The investigation lasted 53 months and was closed because the actions of the defendants in the end has not been found a crime. As noted by “Kommersant”, from the materials of the terminated case implies that all the equipment for screening was purchased by order of the airport authority, as a technique of law enforcement agencies did not act due to lack of spare parts or due to excessive wear.

In addition, the materials stated that the airport could not provide verification of all visitors and passengers, as this can be done only by law enforcement agencies in the event of a threat of a terrorist attack. In January 2011 about the threat was not announced, so the MVD and the FSB were not translated on the strengthened mode of service.

According to “Kommersant”, one of the grounds for dismissal was the decision of arbitration court of Moscow region. The court, having considered the claim of the structures included in Domodedovo, has established that the claim of Federal Agency for transport supervision: the Agency insisted that the airport must immediately take measures to hundred percent inspection in a building of the airport complex. The arbitration concluded that at the time of the attack, the law did not require such inspection. Since then, the standards have not changed.

The January tragedy

The attack in the arrival hall of international flights at Domodedovo airport occurred on January 24, 2011. A suicide bomber detonated an improvised explosive device, resulting in 37 people were killed, 172 were injured. Guilty of bombing Moscow regional court found the brothers Islam and ileza Avdievich, Ahmed Yevloyev and Bashir Khamkhoev. Akhmed Yevloyev received ten years in prison, the others life sentences.

According to investigators, on 24 January 2011 of a minor Magomed Yevloyev detonated fixed on the belt of a self-made bomb capacity to 5 kg of TNT. According to the prosecution, the four convicts helped Magomed Evloev to get from Ingushetia to Moscow, handed a suicide vest, chose the place for the attack and sent the boy to the airport.

After the terrorist attack in Domodedovo security measures have been strengthened at all airports.