The dollar fell sharply in Tokyo amid falling oil prices

TOKYO, 9 February. /Corr. Vasily Golovnin/. To the lowest level in the last 15 months fell on Tuesday in Tokyo the dollar amid a sharp decline of the stock indexes in new York and the flight of capital from falling oil futures. These funds are invested in Japanese yen as a relatively more reliable financial instrument. As a result at one point in morning trading for the dollar was less than 115 yen – 2.3 yen less than in the second half of the day on Monday.

For the first time in the history to zero out the yield of Japanese government bonds with a maturity of 10 years, investors are actively buying. They also see these yen-denominated securities as a relatively reliable asset in connection with the fall in oil prices, the slowdown in economic growth in China and increased uncertainty in the global economy. The higher the reliability of the bonds and the demand, the lower the yield.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro ASO expressed concern about the situation. “It is obvious that the market observed too sharp movements, he said. The government will closely monitor the situation”.