The government refused to support the abolition of vehicle tax

The government does not support a bill to abolish the transport tax, according to a statement on the website of the Cabinet. In conclusion, the government notes that when the total abolition of the tax from the regional budget revenue will drop to 146.2 billion rubles in 2016, while the sources of compensation of these funds is presented in the wording of the bill is not defined.

At the same time, the authorities find it possible to give the trucks a “tax deduction on transport tax in the amount of payment on account of compensation of harm”, which are because of them road.

To cancel the transport tax for truckers in December, called on President Vladimir Putin. “I very much hope that the government very soon, early in the year, it will make”, — said the head of state at a press conference on December 17.

Later the law on exemption from payment of vehicle tax owners of vehicles weighing over 12 tons in the state Duma introduced by the deputies from the liberal democratic party, in particular, Igor Lebedev, Yaroslav Nilov, Sergei karginov. In the explanatory Memorandum it was noted that after charges for heavy trucks to “truck owners are in a position where they are required to contribute to the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation mandatory payment on one goal — to repair roads”.

On 19 January in January, the Ministry of transport developed a compromise variant of the taxation of heavy vehicles. As written, in accordance with the Agency’s initiative of cancellation of the transport tax will not be formal, but when you pay tax will be considered paid road tax, that is, it was actually subtracting from the transport tax.