The Kremlin called on Merkel to be careful when evaluating Russia’s actions in Syria

Commenting on the words of Kanzlei of Germany Angela Merkel, raskritikovav the situation in Syria, established with the support of air strikes by Russian President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov urged to be careful in his statements, the correspondent reports .

“As for the words of the Chancellor on the alleged casualties in the air strikes of the Russian VKS [aerospace defence forces]. Then of course we should pay attention to the fact that despite the huge number of such statements until now nobody had presented any credible evidence these words,” he said.

“The second course, probably, it is necessary to remember period three years ago — two years ago, when we heard similar assessments of the barbaric actions of the terrorists who came savagely on Syrian territory and in fact were surrounded by the Syrian armed forces and the legitimate government. Then from anyone we have not heard such statements. Of course, we once again urge you again to carefully and responsibly use these interpretations in what is a very fragile situation, which now is in Syria and around the Syrian settlement,” — said the press Secretary of the President.

Yesterday at a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu in Ankara, Merkel said that “not only shocked, but appalled” by the suffering of “tens of thousands” of people in Syria caused by the offensive of the government army supported by the Russian VKS.

The statement of the Chancellor was made after the Agency Reuters referring to the rebels, local residents and observers reported that the Syrian army and its allies moved to the North of the country and is located in 25 km from the border with Turkey.