The Kremlin has described as absurd the statement of Erdogan about Russia’s “occupation” of Syria

Press Secretary of the Russian President commented on the statement by the Turkish President made in an interview with the newspaper Hurriyet. Then Erdogan, speaking about the successes of the Syrian army with the support of the Russian space forces under Aleppo, appealed to Vladimir Putin with the following words: “What are you doing in Syria? You, in fact, are an occupier.”

According to Peskov, from a legal point of view, Erdogan’s statement is incorrect and absurd. “Russian forces are in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate Syrian government, respectively, or about any occupation speech just can’t go neither de jure nor de facto”, — explained press Secretary of the President of Russia.

Putin said that Turkish-Russian relations in a worse condition now for the past few decades. He explained that “Turkey committed aggression and traitorous actions against Russia”, still not giving adequate qualification of its actions and has not brought apologies.

Erdogan’s statement about “occupation” by Russia of parts of Syria came after a week after the Turkish foreign Ministry has accused Russian military aircraft in violation of the Turkish border. The Turkish head of state then appealed to Vladimir Putin with a request to hold an urgent meeting. In response, press Secretary of the Russian President reported that no contact between the two presidents in the near future is not planned.

After the Turkish fighter jet in November of last year brought down a Russian su-24, in Moscow called the incident a “stab in the back”. Vladimir Putin said that he does not understand the reasons for the action by the Turkish military. “Only Allah knows why they did it”, he concluded. Also in Moscow stressed that Erdogan tried to contact Russian President only after seven-eight hours after the incident.