The mayor offered an alternative to the owners of the demolished squatter

On his page in social network “Vkontakte” Sobyanin said that on Tuesday demolished buildings were dangerous for Muscovites, as they were illegally built on engineering services and on the technical area of the metro. According to the mayor, this happened with the explicit connivance or the assistance of officials.

The owners of the demolished former “squatter” the authorities have promised if they wish to provide the opportunity to build retail facilities in other places and legally. However, he did not specify whether the entrepreneurs have any advantage when creating new business.

In turn, the Deputy head of the Duma Committee on economic policy Victor Zvagelsky said the Agency TASS that the lower house may be adopted a bill providing compensation to the entrepreneurs in the case of the demolition of their stalls, including the provision by the city similar outlets, as well as the opportunity to enter into a lease agreement for a minimum of 7 years.

Business Ombudsman Moscow, Mikhail Vyshegorodtsev, commenting on the complaints of the owners of the demolished pavilions, advised them to go to court. According to him, some entrepreneurs have already adopted in their favour by the decision. He said that several businessmen have filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court with the requirement to give a comment, whether had the right the city the right to demolish their pavilions.

On the night of 9 February in Moscow began the demolition of buildings, recognized by the authorities of the objects of unauthorized construction. According to the head of the capital of the state Inspectorate for real estate Sergey Shugurova, it is about 97 sites in different parts of the city. “In 90% of the demolished pavilions have been implemented in non-food products, in particular they were popular at the bookies and salons of cellular communication”, – said the official.

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Another figure for demolished objects named coordinator of entrepreneurs Stanislav Petrov. According to him, the night in the city were destroyed 103 of the object. Among them, the shopping center “Albatross” at the station “Schelkovskaya”, and a shopping arcade at metro stations “Chistye Prudy”, “Kropotkin”, “Arbat” and “Ulitsa 1905 goda”. From the original list destined for demolition of buildings (it was 104) survived “the Pyramid” on Tverskaya street. Vladislav Vasnev, co-owner of the complex “Pyramid”, confirmed this information. “We did everything to prevent this from happening,” he said, refusing to disclose the details.

Previously, the newspaper “Vedomosti”, with reference to the Chairman of the branch office of commercial real estate “Business Russia” Eduard Ghulyan informed that 50 documents on the property were registered, and the owners of the 27 facilities have entered into force court decisions on the absence of squatter.

According to the publication, in some cases, the dispute reached the Supreme court, and the decisions taken are not in favour of the Moscow authorities. The Supreme court refused to review the decision under the claim of Moscow to the owner of the pavilion at 254 square meters on the street – LLC “TDCM”, the structure hasn’t been recognized as a squatter. The authorities lost an appeal on similar claims to the company “Albatross”, the owner of a trading complex “the Passage Albatross” M. “Schelkovskaya”, and also claims to the owners of the pavilions at “Arbat” and “1905”.

The owners indicate that the courts did not satisfy any application for interim measures prohibiting the demolition.