The media reported the stabilization of the DPRK launched the satellite in orbit

The satellite launched into space by North Korea last Sunday, was able to stabilize at a given orbit. About it reports Reuters, citing an unnamed representative of the US authorities and a source familiar with the situation.

At the same time, according to preliminary data, the satellite transmits data to Earth, said second source informed the Agency.

The interlocutors Reuters recalled that in 2012, Pyongyang launched a satellite and was unable to gain a foothold in geostationary orbit. This time, according to them, the launch by North Korea of a satellite can be considered more successful.

Earlier Tuesday, the CBS channel with reference to representatives of the US authorities reported that North Korea launched the satellite “tumbles in orbit”.

Launch the rocket with the satellite, which according to DPRK, is designed for Earth observation, was carried out on Sunday morning, 7 February. Information about the missile launch has caused a critical reaction in the world. Pyongyang later reported the successful rocket launch.