The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation checks carried out by the Egyptian authorities work to improve aviation security

MOSCOW, February 9. The transport Ministry after obtaining the opinion will be sent to Egypt a group of experts to assess the authorities in the country work to improve aviation security. About it has informed journalists the Deputy Minister of transport of Russia Valery Okulov.

“As soon as reported that these requirements (aviation security at the airports of Egypt – approx. ed.) are implemented and executed, we send back another delegation,” he said, adding: “At the progress, I don’t know, say the next group that will go there”.

According to the Deputy Minister in January was the visit of experts, who prepared an opinion. “The conclusions that they did, now the Board conducted appropriate remarks”, he said.

The Deputy Minister has not excluded that in the airports of Egypt appears the supervisors for security. “This option is indeed provided, at least at the first stage,” he said. In addition, according to him, the transport Ministry do not exclude that in the airports of Egypt will use Russian equipment to ensure safety.

The advisability of improvement of security measures in Egyptian airports has arisen after the crash of the Russian aircraft A321 in the Sinai Peninsula on 31 October 2015. As a result of a bomb explosion on Board the ship were killed 224 people. In mid-November, the head of FSB Alexander Bortnikov reported to President Vladimir Putin that the cause of the crash was a terrorist attack, carried out using an improvised explosive device with power up to 1 kg in a trotyl equivalent. After that Moscow has temporarily suspended air service to Egypt. Similar measures were imposed in respect of the national carrier Egypt Air Egypt. The Russian side demanded a period of about three months, to verify safety systems of the Egyptian airports.