The Moscow city court explained the need for the security of ships Cossacks

The press service of the Moscow city court issued a statement explaining why the capital’s district courts are now guarded by private security organization “Cossack guards”. The Cossacks began to protect the capital’s courts due to the fact that their predecessors lacked the necessary skills, said Tuesday “Interfax” in the press service of the Moscow city court.

“Cossack guards” started to guard the Moscow courts in late 2015, after the reduction of the staff of private security of the interior Ministry, which was followed by the courts before. From November to December, the Cossacks guarded the ten capital ships from 1 January 2016 they took custody of all the district courts of the capital.

At the session of the Council of judges of Moscow on Monday, on the protection of the Cossacks told the head of the Moscow Department of the Judicial Department Alexey Dmitriev.

“The head of Department in his report highlighted that a number of shortcomings of work of employees of FSUE “Protection” (private security MIA) jeopardize the safety of judges, court staff and participants of process” — quoted on Tuesday “Interfax” the message a press-services of Moscow city court.

According to Dmitriev, the employees of private security has no special training, they had poor knowledge of the rules of use of technical means of protection of the object, and in some cases they do not know how to use computers. In addition, continued Dmitriev, employees of private security for more than two minutes to respond to a “panic button”, and FSUE “Protection” were constantly rotate.

The press service of the Council of judges added that the services of private security services were more expensive than the Cossacks.

“The Council of judges of Moscow, guided by the need for budgetary savings (service of FSUE “Protection” is several times higher than the cost of services of LLC private security Agency “Cossack guards”), agreed to the Judicial Department in Moscow to conclude a state contract for the provision of services for armed protection of buildings of all district courts of the city of Moscow with LLC private security Agency “Cossack guard”, — told RIA “news” in a press-service of the Council of judges.

In the past year the work of the Cossacks were paid by the government contracts. On Monday, the lawyers of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny appealed to the Prosecutor of Moscow with the requirement to check its legitimacy because, in their opinion, the selection by the judicial Department of the “Cossack guards” as the sole provider of security services, without a tender, was unfounded.