The Prosecutor’s office acknowledged the illegal ban on rallies for workers of AVTOVAZ

The Prosecutor’s office of the Avtozavodsky district of Togliatti achieved the abolition of a number of provisions of the code of ethics of the group of AVTOVAZ. This is stated in the message of the Supervisory authority.

The code was approved by the head of the company BU Anderssona in early November 2015. The Prosecutor’s office indicate that p. 2 of the document “Protecting and promoting the image of the society” stipulates that employees “must not to start and not to support protests, negative publicity, information campaign”. In addition, it commits the employees to coordinate the information given to members of the public and media, with senior officials with appropriate credentials.

The Prosecutor’s office on the audit came to the conclusion that these provisions are contrary to the Constitution, which guarantees Russian citizens the freedom of thought and speech and right to Assembly. The Ministry said that currently, the code brought into line with the requirements of the legislation.

In the press center of the automaker to the Agency TASS confirmed that the provisions of the corporate documents were modified after the intervention of the Prosecutor’s office and now the code is fully consistent with the law.

The code of ethics AVTOVAZ in open access is not published. However, extracts from the document at different times published in the local media. In particular, as reported by city portal “”, the code is composed of eight pages, provided with a Preface and is divided into paragraphs and subparagraphs: “worker Protection”, “privacy”, “Protecting and promoting the image of”, “Prevention of misuse of information”, “Promoting active citizenship in the world”, “Corruption and hidden bonuses”, “Conflict of interest” and others.

However, one of the norms of the code, according to the portal, reads: “Workers of the society should contribute to the creation of a positive image of the society and refrain from discrediting, not to start and not to support protests, negative publicity, information campaigns, or any adverse actions for society, regardless of their nature, including when using social media.”

The code of ethics previously brought to the attention of local MPs regional Ombudsman Olga Galtsova, which had previously promised to complain to the Prosecutor.

The adoption of a code of ethics at AVTOVAZ was preceded by several protest actions with participation of employees of the company. At the end of September the independent trade Union of employees of JSC “AVTOVAZ” held a rally against cuts at the plant. Similar actions took place in December and October 2014.

In January 2016, it became known that in the framework of the requirements of the code of ethics the company has fired the Director for corporate development of the company Katerina Matouskova.

“The first results showed the presence of a potentially possible conflict of interests at some levels of management. The President of AVTOVAZ Bo Andersson has decided first to fulfill the requirements of the code of ethics of the company — project Director, corporate development Catherine Matuskova end their career at the company,” — quoted “RIA Novosti” the message of AVTOVAZ.