The reform of the court of assize was estimated at 12 billion rubles.

On Tuesday, the Deputy President of the Supreme court in criminal cases Vladimir Davydov at the conference devoted to the extension of jurisdiction to the jury, told about the main proposals of the forthcoming reforms.

Dear reform

According to Davydov, is now in the courts at the district level should appear truncated to a panel of 6 assessors (now district courts considering Federal judge or three judges). Such colleagues first begin to consider only cases of domestic murder and serious bodily injury that resulted in death (part 1 of article 105 and part 4 of article 111 of the Criminal code). But the right to jury trial will be those who currently can not qualify: including women and minors.

Subsequently, the jurisdiction of jury trials in district courts can be expanded further, said Davydov, there may be, for example, economic crimes.

According to Davydov, the extension of jurisdiction by jury on two trains UK will now be able to cost 12 billion roubles, 300 million rubles will be spent annually.

But such measures will significantly increase the number of people which will judge the jury, said Davydov. Now, statistically, juries hear cases in relation to 600-700 people a year, the reform only at the expense of two formulations of the criminal code will allow to increase this number to 10-15 thousand, said Davydov. “If the government will go to such ideas, it will be a breakthrough,” said Davydov present.

12 assessors

In the courts at the regional level, the number of panels of jurors should be reduced from 12 to 8 people, said Davydov.

During the development of the reform of the jury were discussed, the jury handed down its decision in the presence of the judge. But in the concept, presented by Davydov, this proposal remained: the jury retains the right to independently, in the absence of professional judges issue their verdicts. In case of equality of votes, the decision will be made in favor of the defendant.

Some speakers, such as the judge of Moscow city court in the resignation of Sergei Pashin urged his colleagues not to reduce the number of panels in the courts of a regional link.

Lawyer Henry Reznik also told reporters that particularly serious crimes must be left to the jury consisting of 12 people. “Price of the question in such cases is too high, but for crimes of medium gravity can be considered a truncated version of the boards that will make decisions by a qualified majority,” explained Resnick.

The President of the Council on human rights under the President Mikhail Fedotov made a proposal to return to the courts of lay assessors, but the proposal in the concept of reform, retold Davydov, was not included.

In December, President Vladimir Putin, speaking with a message to the Federation Council, supported the initiative to reduce the number of boards, but to expand their powers. Now, on behalf of the President, the Supreme court jointly with the presidential administration before March 15 must submit all proposals to Putin.