The Russian Embassy did not confirm the data about the arrest phase of the spiritual-cultural center in Paris

PARIS, 8 February. /Corr. Sergey Shcherbakov/. The Russian Embassy did not confirm the data about the seizure of the land plot for the Russian cultural center in Paris. “We have no information about the arrest. The situation with the spiritual and cultural centre has not changed,” said the correspondent in Embassy.

In diplomacy recalled that the last judgement was delivered on 22 January this year. Then the court of Paris refused to consider the request for the suspension of construction works in the French capital of spiritual-cultural center made by lawyers Hulley Enterprises Limited. Cyprus registered company, representing the interests of former shareholders of the oil group YUKOS, demanded the immediate cessation of construction work under threat of penalties.

The members of the Paris Court of major jurisdiction, as it is called here the courts at the departmental level, said that it was not in their competence to make such decisions and referred the plaintiffs to the judge in Executive acts. Rejecting the claim on procedural grounds, they at the same time ordered the company Hulley Enterprises Limited to pay €7500 Russian Federation and the French construction firm Bouygues as compensation for their court costs and to pay the costs incurred by the court.

The construction of the Russian spiritual and cultural center is in the VII district of Paris on the Quai Branly near the Eiffel tower. It will include an Orthodox Church, a Seminary, a library, and a center for meetings of representatives of the Russian community and acquaintance of Parisians on Orthodox culture. In addition, it should open a Russian-French school.

Claims on the estate of the Russian Federation, Hulley Enterprises Limited lawyers put forward with reference to the decision of the arbitration court in the Hague on the suit of the former shareholders of YUKOS. The Russian side has expressed categorical disagreement with this decision the Hague court, which did not possess this jurisdiction. YUKOS has reminded Russian officials, have committed large-scale tax evasion.