The Russian foreign Ministry: the issue of opening Russian military bases in Cuba is not on the agenda

The Russian foreign Ministry: the issue of opening Russian military bases in Cuba is not on the agenda

MOSCOW, February 9. The issue of opening Russian military bases in Cuba now is not discussed. This was stated in an interview with the Director of the Latin American Department of the Russian foreign Ministry Alexander Shchetinin.

“This question (about opening databases) is not on the agenda, – assured the diplomat. – Our cooperation is developing now in other areas is, first and foremost, our very close friendly foreign policy interaction. It is the promotion of our economic and investment cooperation”.

As recalled Shchetinin, last year between Russia and Cuba have signed major contracts related to Russia’s participation in the implementation of a number of significant energy projects and projects in the field of development of metallurgy on the Island of freedom. “The agenda we have developed projects in the field of transport”, – said the Director of the Department of the foreign Ministry.

The normalization of relations between Cuba and the USA

The draft also said that during the first months of the process of normalizing relations between the U.S. and Cuba, the Russian policy of developing ties with the Island of freedom has not changed.

“The normalization of American-Cuban relations will not harm us, – assured the diplomat. – Because our relations with Cuba are based on something more than the conjuncture of political developments around a particular issue, or a country”.

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As noted by the diplomat, the issue of normalization of U.S.-Cuban relations – “this is a very important topic”. “This process goes on, it develops very difficult, primarily because after the first drawn to politics to the media of the decisions taken by the two countries, the issue of specific political arrangements and very specific development of bilateral relations are faced with the fact that both sides were quite clear, identified criteria, and their “red lines”, said Shchetinin. “For Cuba, this is definitely the cancellation of the American embargo, it is the decision of a question on preservation in Cuba base Guantanamo Bay is the theme of the inadmissibility of outside interference in the internal Affairs of the country, primarily with the use of modern IT-technologies, communication technologies, which can be aimed at the erosion of the unity of Cuban society,” – said the diplomat.

He also assured that the Russian policy towards Cuba has not changed. “No, no way, and we have heard, we had a chance at the highest level, the point of view of the Cuban leadership that the partnership between Russia and Cuba will develop in the future without any adjustments associated with what is happening in their relations with the US,” he said.

“Cuba is now open, opens its economy,” – said Shchetinin. He recalled that Cuba adopted “a very balanced and positive for international cooperation, the law on foreign investments”. “Cuba has now attracted wide attention from international investors – European, Latin American, including investors from the United States, the diplomat said. Therefore, the pressure of American business on their government towards the abolition of the U.S. economic embargo against Cuba is such an important subject.” “So our interest, our task consists in that the further cooperation of Russia with Cuba were strengthened and based on these new realities, – said the Director of the Department of the foreign Ministry. – From the point of view of the political situation for us here is the most extensive and favourable opportunities”.