The top five applicants in the CEC formed without opposition

The Federation Council Committee for Federal and regional policy on Tuesday has formed a list of five candidates, which recommends that the new composition of the CEC under the quota of the Federation Council. They are also active members of the Central electoral Commission Anton Lopatin, Maya Grishina and Siyabshah Sapiev and former state Duma Deputy Aleksandr Klyukin and the Senator from the Ryazan region United Russia party, Nikolay Bulaev, the correspondent .

Lopatin and shapiev were appointed in the current composition of the CEC, the Federation Council, Grishin was appointed President.

The members of the Commission Nikolay Konkin and Elena Dubrovin, the last in the current composition of the CEC under the quota of the Federation Council, the new members will not be included. Previously familiar Dubrovina said that she is “tired from working with windmills” and has no plans to remain in Commission for another five years.

Dubrovina, who has worked in the Commission for 17 years, initially presented to the CEC opposition party “Yabloko” and on many issues took a position different from the views of the majority. Konkin had originally joined the Commission as the representative “Fair Russia”.

Dubrovin called to work in the state Corporation “RUSNANO”, reported the sides are close to the management of the Corporation and surrounded by Dubrovina, she this information is not commented.

On Wednesday, the senators will need to approve the recommended candidates by a majority vote.

Regional leaders could submit their suggestions for candidates to the upper house until January 25.

Only in the scenarios presented 12 candidates for candidates in the new composition of the CEC.

Until March 28 must be formed in full composition of the CEC is 15. Five people held in the CEC under the quota of the state Duma — faction will submit to the relevant Committee of their candidates from 1 to 10 March, after which the state Duma will form my top five. His last five will appoint the decree of the President.

Earlier, sources in the election Commission said that they expect big changes in the new composition of the Commission, especially in the five quota in the upper house. One of the interviewees attribute this to the change of the Chairman of the Federation Council — “who needs people stranger”. In the media and discussed possible replacement of the CEC Chairman Vladimir Churov, the interlocutors close to the leadership of the presidential administration and the ruling party confirmed that rotation is not excluded and in this post.

Restrictions on the number of membership in the CEC are not required by law. The composition of the CEC is formed for five years.