Expert: new and more stable world order can be formed by 2030

LONDON, 10 February. /Corr. Ilya Dmitriev/. A new, more stable system of world order based on two large groups of States can be formed by 2030, replacing a completely disordered system. This opinion was expressed on Tuesday in conversation with the correspondent of TASS scientific Director of the Foundation for the development and support of the international discussion club “Valdai” Fyodor Lukyanov, which was presented in the British capital developed by the club of a report entitled “War and peace in the XXI century. International stability and the balance of the new type”.

Simultaneous competition and cooperation

“It is a question of the next decade, relatively speaking, by 2030 (it can be formed), said Lukyanov. Now we live in the face of the accelerating collapse of the old system. And in 2020-ies can begin creating a new system.”

Its main feature, said the interlocutor of the Agency, will be an end to the dominance of a single block of States or a single country. “What we’re trying to see is the only thing that is theoretically possible is not the dominance of any unit, or any country, not acutely clinch the opposing States, and a fluid interaction and competition at the same time, structured in two groups of countries,” – said Lukyanov.

The US, EU and Most of Eurasia

One group would include the U.S., EU and their allies. The other States of the so-called Big Eurasia, including China, Russia and a number of related countries, theoretically, India. According to Lukyanov, it will state, “does not fit in new formats that are beginning to develop under the auspices of the United States and not ready to give up part of their sovereignty”.

According to Lukyanova, such a system would be more structured, more stable than the present, and “will reduce the number of actors”. But it is not the return of the cold war, when USA and USSR were actually separated by a wall and is not economically interact with each other. “Now it is impossible”, – said Lukyanov.

“We don’t know what the future will prepare for us. An important message of this report is not to create a Paradise, and avoid hell on Earth,” – said in turn the President of the Council of the Fund of development and support of the international discussion club “Valdai” Andrey Bystritsky.

The basis for the Valdai discussion

The current report that February 10 will be presented in Paris, formed the basis of discussions of the meeting of the Valdai club in October last year. Soon, work will start on new installation report.

International discussion club “Valdai” was created in 2004. Over the years the Club attended more than 900 representatives of the global scientific community from 62 countries. In the framework of the annual meetings of the Club members traditionally meet with the Russian President and other senior officials of the country.