Gryzlov supported which revealed violations of United Russia ally

Help from Gryzlov

Chairman of the Supreme Council of United Russia Boris Gryzlov invited to return to the party who lost the post of head of the Central auditing Commission of the party (CCIC) Nina Kudashova, said a source in the party confirmed itself Kudashov.

Her resignation took place on 6 February at the Congress of “United Russia” — CCIC was transformed into an oversight Commission headed by the Chairman of the Duma Committee on security Irina Spring, and Kudashov failing. As she told Kudashov, this was preceded by organized her review of the financial and economic activities of the party and “pressure” from the Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Sergei Neverov, who, according to her, in the end, made her departure.

Neverov disproves this information. According to him, about changing the format of CCIC on behalf of the Chairman of the party Dmitry Medvedev Kudashova said Boris Gryzlov, he is participating in this conversation has not taken and “found out about it post factum”.

Now, according to two United Russia, Gryzlov suggested that she become the new coordinator of the party project “Civil solidarity”. On the project platform will be able to promote the initiative, the participants in the primaries who will not be candidates for deputies of the state Duma, said one of the interlocutors .

“She’s honest and professional person” — explained the motive of his invitation Kudashova source in the Supreme Council of the party.

The return of the heavyweight

Gryzlov, a member of the security Council, he has held senior positions in United Russia since the founding of the party, but in 2011 fell back into the shadow and had not met the Bureau of the high Council. At this time the work of United Russia in the current mode supervised only Neverov, close to the political block of the Kremlin.

At the end of last year, Gryzlov has intensified and for the first time in four years gathered a meeting of the Bureau, and soon after that became the President’s representative in the contact group on Ukraine. Its activation caused a voltage in the apparatus of the party and the leadership of the General Council, said before the interlocutors in the “United Russia”.

To create a project to support civil initiatives Gryzlov offered back in late December at the session of the Supreme Council Bureau. About who will head it, then it wasn’t reported. According to a source in the party, candidacy of Kudashova arose after it became clear that she would lose the post of head of CCIC.

Kudashov said he was very glad that “Boris Gryzlov went back to work in the party” and asked her to take charge of the project.

Activation Gryzlov, of course, means the emergence of a “United Russia” yet another centre of influence, says political analyst Alexei Makarkin. Another thing is that if it will not be multiple centers of power and multiple centers of decision making, the campaign for the state Duma election United Russia will spread, he says. “Therefore, most likely, the decision-making center will be one political block of the Kremlin. And the rest will be affected in some unimportant”, says Makarkin.

Career after Congress

Kudashov is associate Professor at the Department of global studies at Moscow state University and is headed by a primary branch of the party in Moscow.

Her career took off at the party Congress in 2013. Then she appealed to President Vladimir Putin, speaking about the rumors about the fact that he distanced himself from the party. “Vladimir Vladimirovich, we are delighted that together with Dmitry Anatolyevich, you have come to us. Indeed, in recent media reports that you cut yourself off from our party. To some extent, you even dropped us. Yes, Yes. But, actually, to hear that very disappointing,” she said.

After that it was decided to appoint the controller of her party, she has made the country’s leadership and the party’s impression, says the United Russia, but she has never developed relationships with colleagues.

Kudashov says that her problems began in November last year, when she decided to audit the financial and economic activities of the party.

The test lasted from 16 November to 24 December, says the former head of the CCIC. She decided to check and activity of the party funds. “After that I was faced with pressure. Neverov called for me, pushed myself, pushed through extra help,” she says.

Itself the Secretary of the General Council explained that only alleged violations of the Commission Kudashova. “The fact that created the Commission was composed of members of the Central Executive Committee, and it turned out that they check themselves. The Commission should include members of the CCIC, which was then made. In addition, there was no plan of inspection and the date that it is unacceptable, but the President of the CCIC said that the test will last as long as she wants”, — said Neverov.

Complaints Medvedev

All detected during the audit of the facts she decided to present the Chairman of the party to Medvedev. “I wrote him a letter in which he spoke about the pressure Neverov and violations, about the high salaries of employees of the Central Executive Committee and that they use the VIP Lounges and business class,” she says.

Medvedev studied the letter and returned it to the party with a request to answer all the questions, Neverov says. After that, the leaders of the party formed a Committee consisting of the head of the Duma faction United Russia Vladimir Vasiliev, chairmen of the Duma Committee Andrey Makarov, Irina Yarovoy, Vladimir pligina and the Deputy Sergey Popov. “The Commission interviewed all who carried out the inspection, and no one has confirmed the facts of pressure,” says Neverov.

In the opinion of this Commission, which was read , stated that the Commission Kudashova had no right to check party funds, because they are separate legal entities and have their own system of internal and external control: however, all required documents were provided to the controller.

Kudashov said that these arguments did not agree and continued to write letters to Medvedev, after what colleagues called her on the Commission and again pressed.

“In the act, which was sent to Medvedev, claims of no substance and could not be: the party shall review annually the tax office, all payments online are tracked in the CEC,” insists Neverov and denies pressure on a colleague.

To receive the comment of representative Medvedev about the situation failed.