Hinstein: for 2015, the number of “defrauded investors” in the Russian Federation increased by more than 43 thousand

MOSCOW, February 10. The number of the deceived participants of share building of habitation in Russia last year increased by more than 43 thousand people. This was announced following the meeting of the working group of the Presidium of the General Council “United Russia” on protection of rights of depositors and holders of its leader, state Duma Deputy Alexander Khinshtein.

He informed that last year the number of “cheated investors” increased by more than 43 thousand people, and to the list of distressed homes has added 261 address.

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“The sharp increase in the number of “cheated investors” was primarily due to the stop of the SU-155: from 43 thousand victims 80% (about 36 million people) – that real estate investors and shareholders SU-155 and its subsidiaries in 14 regions of the country”, – says Deputy.

He pointed out that, “given the particular scale of the problem, the government has made the unprecedented decision: to reorganize to a private company, to complete construction and to provide all people with housing”. As defined sanator Bank “Russian capital” belonging to the state, he said, adding that “the first funds for the completion of already went”.

At the same time, according to the head of the working group, last year more than 17 thousand “defrauded investors” with 131 protracted received housing. “The problem of “defrauded investors” in 2015 and was completed in Buryatia”, – he added.

In General, according to the working group, as of 1 January 2016, in its control is 814 distressed homes, where there are over 97 thousand “defrauded investors”.

“Despite the difficult economic situation, “United Russia” does not intend to reduce the activity in the protection of the rights and interests of shareholders. Together with authorities of all levels, with the direct participation of the Ministry of construction of Russia and governors we will continue to solve people’s problems, turning the “defrauded investors” in “the fortunate,” said Khinshtein.

Criminal liability

Khinshtein also said that soon to be introduced criminal liability for the illegal involvement of shareholders.

“In the near future to the penal code will be introduced a new article establishing criminal responsibility for illegal attraction of means of investors”, – said the Deputy. He also recalled that last year on the initiative of the working group have been tightened requirements for insurers authorized to insure the liability of the developers to equity holders.

Also Hinstein has noticed that the state Duma considers the government submitted a set of amendments that, inter alia, establishes additional financial requirements to developers, attracting funds of citizens. “In the near future will be prepared and the order of the Ministry of construction of Russia, Federal qualifying criteria for “defrauded investors” and problem houses,” he said. The working group was deeply involved in the development of these documents, the politician assured.