In South Korea, reported about the execution of the chief of the General staff of the DPRK

Army General ri Yong Gil, who headed the General staff of the Korean people’s army, was executed last week. As reported the Agency “Renhap”, a senior army official were charged with corruption and in pursuit of personal gain.

According to a source, bringing the sentence roughly coincided with the joint meeting of the ruling North Korean party and military leadership under the chairmanship of the country’s leader Ki Jong UN.

Ri Yong Gil was appointed to the position of chief of the General staff in 2013 and, according to the Agency, had won the Kim Jong-UN, accompanied him in his various inspection trips to military exercises and events in the North Korean Ministry of defense.

The chief of staff appeared next to the leader of North Korea until last month, but was absent at the last joint meeting of party and military leadership, as well as at events held in Pyongyang Sunday on the occasion of the launch of North Korean satellite, writes Yonhap.

Listing leaders of the country who attended the celebration, the party newspaper “Nodong” it Said not mentioned ri Yong Gil, and put in its place on the list of leaders of General Lee Myung-soo. According to one source Yonhap, Lee Myung soo, who previously headed the Ministry of national security, could be appointed chief of the General staff instead of Lee Yong-Gil.

One of the reasons for the execution of Lee Yong-Gil, the sources of the Agency referred to his objections against the appointment of party functionaries in key military posts. On the other hand, believe the sources, against the former chief of the General staff could work out a plot in the party leadership.

According to one source, “Kim Jong-UN very nervously applies to the armed forces” and continues the terror against supporters.

Last year North Korea received several reports of executions of senior officials. In August of last year it became known about the execution of the death verdict against Vice-Premier choe Yong Gon. In may, South Korean intelligence has learned about the execution of the defense Minister of the DPRK Hyon Yong Chol. In April had been shot for another 15 high-ranking officials.

In 2014, the Minister of public security of North Korea was allegedly burnt with a flame thrower. It was also reported that on the orders of Kim Jong-UN was poisoned by his aunt Kim Kyong Hee, who since September 2013 has never appeared in public.

Kim Jong-UN is the third representative of the Kim dynasty in North Korea. He is the grandson of the founder of the country Kim Il-Sung. Kim Jong UN headed North Korea after the death of his father Kim Jong-Il in December 2011. He holds the position of Supreme leader of the DPRK, first Secretary of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea and Supreme commander of the Korean people’s army.