In VTB24 foreign currency deposits became more rouble

The share of foreign currency deposits with VTB24 by the end of 2015 has increased from 46.3% to 51.8%. This was stated by the head of VTB 24 Mikhail Zadornov during a press conference on Wednesday, February 10.

“We are not happy that the currency in liabilities is like this volume because we do not lend in foreign currency. Monetary donations go to pay off the debt of the group. Since we are not interested in attracting the currency rates on foreign currency deposits is low. But of course we follow the customer, if the customer believes that it is better to keep money in the currency”, — said Zadornov.

In General, VTB 24 has noted a high demand for Deposit products. The volume of term deposits of physical persons by the end of 2015 increased to 1.72 trillion rubles, the Bank increased the rate of growth of the Deposit portfolio: during the year the portfolio grew by 25% (452 billion rubles) against 15% the previous year (164 billion rubles). Two thirds of the growth of the Deposit portfolio has provided wealthy clients. In 2015 the portfolio of funds of VIP customers increased by 319 billion rubles and exceeded $ 730 billion rubles.

The growth rates of funds of the population in VTB24 1.3 times ahead of the market: 33% vs 25,2%, Zadornov told. The portfolio of funds attracted from individuals increased by 499 billion rubles and as of 1 January 2016 exceeded 2 trillion rubles VTB24’s Share in the market reached 8.66 roubles%. The portfolio of funds of legal entities increased to 303 billion rubles.

For 2015 the total retail loans VTB 24 has declined more slowly market — by 0.8%. This allowed the Bank to increase stake to 12.73% to 13.37%. By the end of 2015 the volume of VTB 24 credits to physical persons and small businesses amounted to 740 billion roubles, the Demand for lending products increased in the fourth quarter: the growth rate was 33% for the third quarter. The most popular were the cash loans and small business loans.