Medvedev: the current version of the plan measures to support the economy prior

Medvedev: the current version of the plan measures to support the economy prior

MOSCOW, February 10. The current version of the plan measures to support the economy advanced, its to be completed. This was announced by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting on socio-economic issues.

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“The version (of a plan) that exists today is a working version, it is still not the final version of the proposals, there will still have a lot to clean out and probably something else to add,” he said. Thus, according to the Prime Minister, in addition to those already selected as part of a plan to support priority sectors, will need to think and the ability to support other sectors of the economy.

“We will be very careful in spending, because the money in all directions just may not be enough. We need to understand, we need to make accurate decisions,” the Prime Minister added.

Two unit measures

The Prime Minister said that the structure of the draft plan of measures to support the economy has been somewhat modified compared to the original versions. “This structure will consist of two large blocks, this is done on the direct instructions. The point is that there was a set of operational measures, and a set of medium-term measures,” he said, adding that it will be a plan “work in the current environment, but for the future.”

According to the Prime Minister, the first block of the plan includes a package of urgent measures to support priority industries, regions and company towns.

“In addition to the automotive industry, light industry, transport and agricultural machinery industry, construction, agriculture, we must Finance and other sectors. But how to do it – is a question that requires separate discussion, with industrial development Foundation, or other instruments, but that the funds were received and in other sectors of the economy”, – said the head of government. He again stressed the need to take such decisions which are “consistent with our current capabilities”.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Prime Minister noted that it is held in an expanded format, in addition to members of the government attended by senators and deputies of the state Duma, and also representatives of some regions, “to hear the views of our fellow legislators and the regional authorities, their opinion is important to take into account when finalizing the final version of the document.

Under the plan of support of economy discussed the idea of allocating the monthly payments from the funds of the parent capital, – said the Medvedev. Also, the plan incorporates measures to support the system of drug provision, said Medvedev. “It is necessary to determine the volumes and sources of financing”, – said the Prime Minister.

Measures related to infrastructure include the ordering of inspections of business assistance to small and medium businesses, continued work on investment climate improvement, work on “road maps” on improvement of corporate governance and other issues, he added.
“And of course you need to continue to reduce costs, to stimulate non-oil exports, on the development of promising technologies and a number of other directions”, – said Medvedev.