Mitrokhin asked Putin to fire Sobyanin for the demolition of the pavilions

Member of the political Committee of the party “Yabloko” Sergei Mitrokhin wrote a letter to the President of Russia Vladimr Putin in whom asks the head of state to stop the demolition of kiosks in Moscow, which began on the night of February 9, but also “to renounce the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin in connection with loss of trust”. The text of the message published on the website of the “Yabloko”.

“The party “Yabloko” believes that the mayor’s office flagrantly violates the right to private property, guaranteed by article 35 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation <…> Actions of the mayoralty of Moscow does not help to strengthen stability in the sphere of small business and the solution of social problems” ,— said in the letter. “On the contrary, many small businesses had lost their property, retail space, product, basic working capital, and tens of thousands of ordinary citizens were deprived of jobs in the capital of the country,” Mitrokhin writes.

He stressed that “Moscow mayhem small business happens in an economic downturn, when the state is obliged to care not about the appearance of the streets, and the creation of workplaces”.

In his letter, he called on Putin to issue a decree for the suspension of the decree of the Moscow mayor’s office about demolition of pavilions, recognized self-construction as “contrary to Federal law and resulted in massive and gross violations of rights and freedoms of man and citizen”. Also Mitrokhin asks the President to take measures to restore the destroyed and to renounce the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin in connection with loss of trust for inadequate execution of their duties.

Mass demolition of the pavilions, which the Moscow authorities acknowledged for self-construction, began in the night of 9 December. As previously stated the head of the Moscow state inspection on real estate Sergey Sokurov, it is about 97 sites in different parts of the city.

Yesterday the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin said that on Tuesday demolished buildings were dangerous for Muscovites, as they were illegally built on engineering services and on the technical area of the metro. He also explained that the previous owners if they wish the authorities would provide an opportunity to build retail facilities in other places and already on the lawful bases.

Later, the head of the Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship of Moscow Oleg Bocharov said in an interview that the city, at its expense, will construct the pavilions at alternative sites. The right to lease new sites will be drawn on a General basis.