Moscow police chief charged for the year to end with the thieves in the law

The head of the MIA of Russia in Moscow Anatoly Yakunin instructed the heads of departments in 2016 to undermine the economic base of the capital “thieves in law”. He told about it on Wednesday, February 10, in an interview to “Interfax”.

“I’ve been on the Board of managers of operational divisions were tasked this year to undermine them [thieves in law] economic base, because it is a shameful phenomenon that must end, said the head of the Moscow interior Ministry. According to him, such people in the capital “is still there”. Last year criminal proceedings were brought ten thieves in law, “but there is information about more than 15 such persons who from time to time appear in the city,” said Yakunin.

“These people continue to form their criminal ideology, they control a a number of organized criminal groups that operate in the field of transport thefts, drug trafficking, engaged in fraud and so on,” he said.

The overall level of crime in the capital, the head of the Moscow interior Ministry called “low” by comparing it with the level of crime in the German capital. “Today, the crime rate per 100 thousand of population we are about at the level of Berlin. That is, the crime rate in Moscow is relatively low,” said Yakunin.

According to him, the number of murders in Moscow last year decreased by 6.9%, facts of causing of heavy harm to health, including fatal accidents by 9%, rape — by 3.4%, thefts and stealings of vehicles — by 13.7%.

The last time of the arrest of the kingpin in the capital reported at the end of November 2015. The press service of a capital Central Board of police reported that the detained members of ethnic groups suspected of extorting $1.2 million under the threat of violence. Sources of “Kommersant” and “RIA Novosti” then said that one of those arrested was Sergei Asatryan, known under the alias Sergei Bentley and Sturgeon-Mladshiy. According to “Kommersant”, the speaker is the son of an influential thief in law Edward Asatryan named Sturgeon, one of the closest companions of the thief in law Aslan Usoyan, nicknamed Grandpa Hassan.

Last summer, Moscow police stopped a meeting of thieves in law in one of entertainment complexes in the North of the capital. Were detained “four leaders of the criminal environment”, living in the Altai region, as well as three thieves in the law by the nicknames weaver, Nodar and Kuso.