NATO to discuss sending thousands of military to the borders of Russia

The military buildup of the Baltic States and Eastern Europe to counter Russia will be one of the topics of discussion at the meeting in Brussels of defense Ministers of NATO countries, which will be held on Wednesday, February 10, writes The Telegraph. According to the newspaper, the unit will consider the plan for the placement of battalions of 500-1000 people in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

It is planned to attract U.S. servicemen and Germany. The British military also could be placed along the Russian border in Eastern Europe under the NATO’s plans, emphasizes the publication.

Defence Ministers will discuss a new plan to strengthen the Baltic States and Central and Eastern Europe, which aimed at a “hybrid” attacks and possible “full-scale occupation of Russian troops”, the newspaper writes. The main task — to demonstrate to Russia that “intervention in the Ukrainian style” will definitely meet resistance from NATO.

The military contingent, which will be located in Eastern Europe on a rotational basis, will involve rapid reaction force, which is about the doubling of the NATO defence Ministers agreed in February last year.

As writes the edition, it is expected that the military weapons will be missiles surface-to-air, flying attack aircraft and helicopters.

According to the newspaper’s source in NATO, the plan could be approved as early as this week, with the exact options concerning the number of troops and weapons, to be determined.

“In order to implement a reliable containment on land, it is necessary that the region was attended by the allies,” the spokesman said to The Telegraph. He stressed that “Russia must understand that if she tries to do something in the Baltics, Poland, Romania or Bulgaria, it will quickly encounter the British, American or German troops”.

British Ambassador to NATO Adam Thompson noted that NATO’s approach can be described with the words “back to the future”. Alliance returns to the fundamental principle of collective defense, but “modern twist”.

In turn, according to The Guardian, Britain is preparing to send at the disposal of NATO five British warships. We are talking about the Iron Duke frigate, a destroyer and three minesweepers To serve on them will be 530 people.

As the newspaper notes, the British military can also log in to a contingent of 6,000 people, which will be hosted in Eastern Europe. The publication claims that the decision on the size of the summer will be taken at the NATO summit.