Police launched an investigation into the attacks against Kasyanov

Moscow police began to investigate the incident with the attack on the leader of the party PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov, which occurred the day before in one of restaurants of Moscow – unidentified men threw into the policy cake.

“Received from a citizen the statement under investigation in the framework of administrative law. Set all the circumstances and participants of incident”, — told “Interfax” the representative a press-services of capital Department of internal Affairs.

As he told himself Kasyanov, on the eve of the two person “non-Slavic appearance” you threw a cake at the restaurant, they were shouting “you are the enemy” and “we’ll take them”. After the attack, according to the leader of PARNAS, the attackers went outside and remained there for hours until the police arrived. Kasyanov said that a cake thrown on the street waited about 20 people.

After the incident, Kasyanov made a statement to the police, told his colleague Konstantin Merzlikin.

“I link attack with my political activism. I think today’s attack is in direct connection with the fact that [Chechen leader Ramzan] Kadyrov had posted threats to me and I filed a complaint to the investigative Committee and the FSB,” — said Kasyanov .

The incident occurred a week later after the head of Chechnya has posted in his Instagram video, which Kasyanov and coordinator of the “Open Russia” Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr. is shown with effect “under the gun”. In the description of the video States that Kasyanov “arrived in Strasbourg for the money to the Russian opposition”.

After that the politician has addressed in FSB with the request to bring a case against Kadyrov on three counts — assault on the life of gosdeyateley, calls for extremist activities and organization of an extremist organization.

Kadyrov commented on the incident on Kasyanov attack in Instagram. The edition “Caucasian policy” were placed in social networks the image of the President of PARNASSUS. In the signature was quoted from Kasyanov, coinciding with his comments about the relationship attack in the restaurant with the “threats” of Kadyrov. “)))) again I))))!?” — a user wrote the head of Chechnya in the comments (spelling author saved).