Putin will hold a meeting with the Cabinet, and will hand over presidential awards to young scientists

MOSCOW, February 10. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will hold a meeting with members of the government development plan for the year and to present awards to young scientists. The journalists said the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

“Wednesday will be a meeting with members of the government,” he said.

As explained in the press service of the Kremlin, “the main at the meeting will be the question of the government’s action plan to ensure sustainable socio-economic development by 2016”. “We will discuss a number of current issues,” – said the press service.

Presidential prize in the field of science and innovations for young scientists, which Putin will present the laureates, were founded in 2008. This award, which amounts to 2.5 million, awarded for contribution to development of national science and innovation; it aims to encourage the laureates ‘ continued research.

The ceremony is held annually in the Kremlin, dated to the Day of Russian science celebrated on February 8.

Winners of the award over the past year resulted in three researchers working in the fields of physics, biology and mathematics. Candidate of chemical Sciences, researcher of Institute of organic synthesis Ural branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry Kopczuk awarded the prize for developing new fluorescent functional materials and molecular devices for various purposes. For cycle of works on supercomputer multiscale modeling of materials in extreme conditions noted doctor of physico – mathematical Sciences, head of Department, joint Institute for high temperatures of RAS Vladimir Stegailov. Another award winner for 2015 was the candidate of biological Sciences, researcher of the Institute of biology, Komi scientific center, Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Ekaterina Proshkina. Her prize is awarded for contribution to development of the genetics of lifespan and aging.