Shuvalov: government will support all company towns

MOSCOW, February 10. The government plans to support all towns and not just those that are in the “red zone”. This was during a meeting with members of the government the President reported the first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov.

“We will now work with all heads of 319 single-industry towns, we will not support now only those cities that are in the “red zone” because of our old technology we divided the city into three groups is the most problematic towns, where it is difficult with the labour market and in bad condition of the enterprise, there are cities in which may be the situation to deteriorate and is consistently developing city”, – said the first Vice Premier.

Shuvalov said that there is an agreement to create a permanent format of communication on the basis of the Fund of support of monocities. He added that it will determine whether there will be this platform inside the web, or will be, allocated under the Ministry of economic development. Shuvalov has promised all possible support from administrative to all sorts of grants for infrastructure development of single-industry towns.

According to first Vice-Premier, the situation in single-industry towns is comparable with the situation in the regions of the country – very much depends on the personal qualities of each particular leader. Thus, according to him, there are seriously a lot of young trained professionals who understand that given all the difficulties they are able to offer people new opportunities of development. “We understand that budget is rather limited, no promises impossible from our side, we will work on this during the year to carry out”, – said Shuvalov.

He said that to Finance the program of monotowns development was provided 10.8 billion for the current year. “Until we reduce this figure was determined in the region of 7 billion, and now with the Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of Finance will work to see how we can do financing, he said. – Maybe will ask about a small increase this funding.”