The Chapter “the Orient Express” received 13 million roubles for dismissal

Known in the financial market, a top Manager Alexey Korovin, now occupying the post of first Deputy Chairman of FG BCS, the dismissal from the post of CEO of Bank “East Express train” has received severance pay and compensation in the amount of 13 million rubles.

That one member of the Board at dismissal has received the same amount, according to data released on Wednesday quarterly report “Orient Express”. A source close to the Bank confirmed that it comes to the remuneration of Alex Korovin, who was in charge of “Eastern” six months from December 2014 to end of July 2015. Another source close to the Bank also knows that we are talking about money paid Korovin. According to the interlocutor , leaving the Bank Korovin in total received an amount equal to six monthly salaries.

Headhunter familiar with the terms of the employment contract Korovin “the Orient Express” reported that six salary is high, which relies on the dismissal by agreement of the parties, and the salary Korovin consistent with market rates. However, he was surprised that such a sum paid to a top Manager who has worked in the organization of such a short time.

For the first half of 2015 (when Korovin was the head of the Bank) “East” doubled its loss on international accounting standards — from 3.4 billion to RUB 6.6 billion rubles.

Prior to joining the “Eastern” Korovin was responsible for retail business at Alfa Bank, was previously head of the daughter of the Russian OTP Bank. In the “Eastern” front Korovin, the shareholders have set the task of Bank management during the crisis, including the development of a new strategy. However, last summer, almost the entire team in the “East” led Korovin, gone “by agreement of the parties”. Partner of Baring Vostok, the main shareholder of “Orient Express”, Vahan Abgaryan so explained previously, the care team: “Korovin and his team performed a certain function, and I think it is very well coped with it. Now the problem has shifted a bit. I’m sure a lot will be demanded, and the current team effectively cope with the new strategy”.

In mid-January of this year Alexey Korovin was appointed the first Vice-President FG BCS. He is responsible for the development of retail business of the financial group and, upon approval of his candidacy by the Central Bank, will take the post of CEO of Bank BCS.

awaiting a comment by Alexei Korovin.

According to statements by Russian standards on 1 January 2016, the assets of “Eastern” amounted to 247 billion rubles, 57% of them are credits. During the year, the portfolio decreased by 21.6%. Corporate loans in the Bank is almost there. The largest share in assets share investments bonds and securities transferred in a REPO. Deposits of individuals amount to 112 billion rubles.