The colleague Navalny was detained in Cyprus

Cypriot police arrested an employee of the Department of investigations of FBK Nikita Kulhankova, of which Russia declared in the international search on the case of the theft of the poster with the fence, wrote on its website the founder of the Foundation Alexei Navalny.

Kulachenkov was arrested on 24 January in Larnaca on Russia’s request, the court on his extradition will take place on 12 February, said Navalny. In the reception room of the Minister of justice of Cyprus, Nicolaou confirmed the arrest, but failed to clarify when a final decision on the fate of the activist.

According to Navalny, Cyprus had no right to detain the employee of the FCO because he got a passport of a refugee and a political asylum in Lithuania.
“That’s the third week already people have protection from persecution in the form of a vault, sits in prison despite the European agreements on refugees. We demand from the authorities of Cyprus ‘ compliance with EU legislation and the immediate release Nikita Kulhankova,” said Navalny.

A criminal case against Kulhankova and another employee FBK George Alborov were filed in 2014 after they were removed from the fence in Vladimir the poster “Bad and good man”. In April 2015 the Alborov was found guilty and sentenced to 240 hours of obligatory works. Three months later he was amnestied.

The interlocutor familiar with the investigation, believes that Kulachenkov can spend behind bars in Cyprus a few months until will wait extradition to Russia. After returning to the country he will be pardoned, the source said .

This is not the first case when the European authorities detain Russian citizens who had been granted political asylum. So, in 2012 Spain was detained anti-fascist Petr Silaev, who is wanted in Russia on the case of pogrom in Khimki. Silaev has been in prison for nine days despite the fact that he had the documents on asylum in Finland. As a result the Spanish court refused to extradite to Russia Silaeva.