The demolition budget: city hall explains a sweep of the city from the pavilions

— Why Moscow authorities decided to demolish commercial properties right now? The crisis in the country, but because of the demolition, many people lose their jobs.

It’s not about the crisis, and in security. These facilities are located on city communications, under them are urban networks, therefore, non-stationary objects on these land plots impossible. They threaten the lives and health of people.

— Why, then, before the city authorities were allowed to place objects on these lands?

— These objects arose in the late 1990-ies. Giving permission, the government sometimes did not know that under the ground. Now we, the city, there are layers of information, and we instantly see where the plot can be adapted for the placement of trade object, and where not.

— Many owners of trading pavilions have ownership of the objects. Lawyers say that if there is a right of property, the demolition decision should be taken by the court.

— The property right is not contested. We dispute the placement of the object. The fourth paragraph of article 222 of the Civil code allows the constituent entities of the Federation to demolish objects out of court. Nobody forbids owners to challenge their property in court. The court will decide whether compensation to the owners or not.

— Is it possible to hold events for demolition more gently, diplomatically?

— The city gave a month to the copyright holders, so they moved their belongings. And anyway let’s reason from the point of view of justice. There are more than 240 thousand individual entrepreneurs. Why one hundred of them can supply the object that pays off in seven months, and the others can’t? Because they agreed with the Council and got permission? In my opinion, the city is doing the right thing. He says: I here these places will determine the competition and will compete. And access will be for all, not for a hundred entrepreneurs.

— What can be done at the site of the demolished objects? Will be comfortable territory?

— Definitely will also improve. We have a whole system project is in the city on the improvement of pedestrian areas. All of this must be returned to us with you: urban land we owned.

— So you think that the residents will benefit from it?

— I think Yes. People do not understand the essence of article 222 [of the Civil code] say: well, seems to be affected entrepreneurs, let’s give them compensation. But let’s just worldly look to it. Would you like for a relatively small amount to put the stall at the entrance location and to rent it out? Of course, you’ll take it. Why should we compensate an hundred men for illegal objects?

— Today Sergey Sobyanin said that the owners of the demolished pavilions will be provided alternative sites. What it will be?

The city, at its expense, will construct the pavilions at alternative sites. The auction will be awarded the right to lease these pavilions. Any preferences not all tenants will be able to participate in auctions on a common basis.

— Were the owners of the pavilions, which are voluntary demolition work conducted?

— I do not know, I have no such data.

And the demolition in the end budget was implemented?

— For the budget bill for the state, that we demolished.

With the owners in the end will not recover these funds?

— No, it is the responsibility of the city.

— Why the shopping center “Pyramid” the Tverskaya was demolished?

— According to my information, it will be demolished later: just a very large object.