The Federation Council has delegated bulayeva, Grishin, Shapieva, Lopatin and Klyukina in the new CEC

MOSCOW, February 10. The Federation Council has delegated to the new composition of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Senator Nicholas bulayeva, current members of the Commission of Maya Grishin, Siyabshah Shapieva and Anton Lopatin and journalist Alexander kljukina. The corresponding resolution of the chamber was adopted at the plenary meeting.

“In sum, included in the list of candidates received the support of 69 subjects – nearly 90% submitting their proposals. Thus, the list included: Bulaev Nikolay Ivanovich, Maya Grishina V., Klyukin Alexander, Lopatin, Anton Igorevich, shapiev Siyabshah Magomedovich”, – said the head of Committee of Federation Council on Federative structure, regional policy, local government and Northern Affairs Dmitry Azarov, representing to colleagues candidates in the new composition of the CEC.

He noted that nominees were considered yesterday at the meeting of the relevant Committee and supported by the majority of votes.

Thus, “quota” SF not included Elena Dubrovina and Nina kuliasova and Secretary of the CEC Nikolai Konkin, who represent SF in the current composition of the Commission. On the list of the upper house can save space in the CEC Sapiev and Lopatin and Grishina, which currently is in the Central election Commission of the Russian President.

The list of candidates proposed by the legislatures and governors 77 of the 85 subjects, there were 12 people. It also includes assistant of Deputy of legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region, member of regional election Committee Ageeva Lily, a member of the electoral Commission of the Republic of Buryatia Alexander Akchurin, Deputy Chairman of the CEC Yakutia Ekaterina Andreeva, the Chairman of election Committee of Leningrad region Vladimir Zhuravlyov, Deputy head of the main Department of territorial policy of the Moscow region Maria Nagornaya, the CEC Secretary Nikolay Konkin, Chairman of consumers Union of Russia Peter Shelishch.

The formation of the CEC

The Central election Commission is formed for a period of 5 years, consisting of 15 members, 5 of whom shall be approved by the state Duma, 5 – the Federation Council, and the remaining 5 – the President of the Russian Federation. The powers of the current members of the CEC of the Russian Federation expires in mid-March. In the current composition of the CEC from the Federation Council were delegated Elena Dubrovina and Nina kuliasova, Anton Lopatin, Siyabshah Sapiev and Secretary of the Commission Nikolay Konkin.

The state Duma, in turn, began collecting proposals for candidates to the CEC members. They must be submitted before 1 March in the lower house Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction, after which they will be discussed at the state Duma.