The head of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation: restriction of the import of soya and maize from the USA is not a political gesture

MOSCOW, February 10. The restriction of imports of soybeans and corn from the USA is not a political gesture, said today the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev channel “Russia 24”.

“No,” he said, answering the question whether the restriction of imports of corn from the U.S. political gesture.

He stressed that the soy from the US were found “unacceptable substances and the weeds”.

The Minister said that Russia in 3-5 years ready to double-triple the exports of agricultural products.

The growth of production

Tkachev stated that OST of agricultural production in Russia in 2016 could reach 3%.

“According to our preliminary forecasts, the Ministry of agriculture, and, of course, the expert community, and we look forward to the growth of agricultural production in 3% (in 2016),” said Tkachev.

To increase the production

Also Tkachev has noticed that Russia within 10 years to increase grain production by 15-20 million tonnes.

“Plans for the next 10 years we need 15 to 20 million ton increase in grain production throughout Russia”, – said Tkachev.