The Kremlin has commented on the proposal to dismiss Sobyanin for the demolition of the pavilions

In the Kremlin called on to listen to explanations from the leadership in Moscow on the occasion of the demolition of the trade stands, before crashing down onto the city authorities with criticism. The journalists said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, answering the request to comment on the treatment of Sergei Mitrokhin to the head of state with the request to send mayor Sergei Sobyanin to resign, Interfax reported.

Peskov said that “all discussions are without asking point of view, the explanations of the authorities of Moscow”. “Not having received any clarification from the Moscow authorities, to draw any hasty conclusions, to level criticism, it would be unfair,” he said.

This Peskov added that the topic of the demolition of the pavilions in Moscow in the Kremlin do not consider their agenda. “Still, it’s the theme of Moscow as the main region of the Russian Federation”, – said the press Secretary of the President.

In the night of 8 to 9 February in Moscow hosted a major demolition of the shopping Pavlinov. According to the capital of the state inspection on real estate, demolition got 97 objects, although initially in the list of objects subject to demolition, got 104 points.