The MAYOR: “Gazprom” in 2015, reduced gas production by 6% to 417 billion cubic meters

The MAYOR: “Gazprom” in 2015, reduced gas production by 6% to 417 billion cubic meters

MOSCOW, February 10. “Gazprom” in 2015, reduced gas production by 6% to 417,2 billion cubic meters, according to the monitoring, the Ministry of economic development with reference to data of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation.

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“Gazprom” in 2015, increased gas export to far abroad by 8%

The share of production enterprises of “Gazprom” in total production continues to decline, said the MAYOR. Independent producers and oil companies continue to increase production of gas.

In 2015 in Russia produced 633,4 billion cubic meters of gas – by 1.4% less than in 2014.

According to preliminary data, gas consumption in the domestic market in 2015 decreased compared with the level of 2014 by 4% and reached 441,1 billion cubic meters, due mainly to the reduction of gas supplies to power plants and boiler plants of the UES of Russia.

Gas exports in 2015 increased compared with 2014 increased by 5% to 182,9 billion cubic meters due to a sharp increase of export to the far abroad. The share of exports in the year 2015 in the total volume of gas production increased 28.9%. In the far abroad countries gas exports increased by 12.8% to’s 142.4 billion cubic meters in connection with the need to increase gas reserves in UGS, as well as concerns transit risks from the Ukraine in the autumn-winter period.

In addition, lowering the price of gas has allowed him to begin to return to their position in the structure of electricity generation in Europe. In CIS countries the export of Russian gas had dropped to 40.5 billion cubic meters (84,4% in 2014), mainly due to the cessation of gas supplies to Ukraine from July 2015, while in October gas deliveries to Ukraine were resumed in connection with the need to fill reservoirs for normal autumn-winter heating season.