The Ministry of justice has been asked to declassify the cost of the RT

Better to remain silent

Chief editor of the publication “Rootwait” Taisiya Suvorova on 9 February sent a request to the Minister of justice Alexander Konovalov with a request to oblige the Autonomous nonprofit organization “TV-Novosti”, control RT, to publish reports on spending of budget funds in 2009-2012. “Rootwait” is a project of defenders of “Team 29” lawyer Ivan Pavlov created to send formal requests to the authorities.

On the website of the Ministry of justice published information on the budgetary financing of the ANO “TV-news” only for 2013 and 2014, should all of “Team 29” from December 24. Human rights activists have requested information about NGOs send reports to the Ministry for previous years and for whatever reason these reports were not posted on the Agency’s website.

December 30, the Ministry of justice said that the organization annually provides the necessary information to the office, but is not required to publish them on the Ministry’s website, and can do it on any other site or sent to the media. Officials of the Ministry of justice unknown, published “TV news” relevant information in any publication, said later, “Roommate” in a press-Department service.

“Rootwait”, as the media was asked to provide a report in the ANO “TV-Novosti” at the end of October, however the answer have not received, says the “Team 29” Alexander Tsygankov.

Human rights activists have exhausted all possible ways to obtain data on the activities of NGOs, said the project leader of “Team 29” the lawyer Ivan Pavlov. So they decided to contact Konovalov with a request to take action against employees of the Ministry of justice who have not fulfilled the requirements of the legislation on control over the activities of NGOs. The lawyers also asked the Minister to make ANO a written warning and require the organization to provide the media with information about its activities.

Earlier Pavlov said that any other NGOs have long would be fined by the justice Department for such violations. Human rights activists drew attention to this ANO, achieving uniformity in the application of the law to all nonprofit organizations.

In “TV-Novosti” has not responded to the request . In a press-service of the Ministry of justice has promised to answer soon.

The first reports

RT management NCO in 2005, current existing requirement of accountability appeared in the law in 2009. In fact, RT is Russia’s largest channel, which is managed through a non-profit organization.

At the end of 2015 on the website of the Ministry of justice were first published records of the ANO “TV-news”. From 2014 report that “the creation and broadcasting of television channels in English, Arabic and Spanish” Autonomous nonprofit organization spent 11.7 billion RUR 49 mln NCOs spent on French broadcasting. In this case the broadcasting of the French divisions don’t have RT in 2015 was just launched a news site.

Thus, a total channel RT spent in 2014 11,74 billion rubles. the company had to meet the size of the allocated subsidies in 2014 she received from the budget 11,87 billion rubles at the same time on the website of the Ministry of justice published a report for 2013: the total cost Autonomous non-commercial organization amounted to 12.9 billion rubles.

Sources of income

RT is funded from the Russian budget organization. In 2015 RT subsidies amounted to 18.2 billion rubles, twice more than in the previous year. The sharp increase in the financing of the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan explained in an interview with the devaluation of the ruble and the fact that the majority of expenditures RT — currency. In foreign currency last year, the budget RT decreased by 22%, and the channel have any debt to the partners. “We explained to the Finance Ministry that Russia will still lose the money in court, then said Simonyan. — We have contracts [to redistribute] with major Western companies, from them you can’t just refuse.”

In the report, which was published on the website of the Ministry of justice, provides information and about other than budget, sources of income. About 23 million rubles were spent broadcasting from the funds “earned from the sale of goods, performance of works, rendering of services”. Simonyan explained in an interview in September that the channel sells advertising, in particular, in the U.S., however, did not disclose the income from this business: “It’s not a big number, it is incomparable with our budgets”. The chief editor also emphasized that RT is a non — profit organization and its primary goal is not making money. “If we get a little money, that’s good,” she added.

Violation of the order of publication of statements entails drawing up a Protocol on administrative violation or a warning from the justice Ministry, explained the lawyer of the human Rights Centre “memorial” Kirill Koroteev. Two warnings constitute grounds for liquidation of NGOs. According to Koroteev, government-affiliated non-profit organizations often do not publish information. For example, on the website of the Ministry of justice no data on the activities of the Foundation named after Akhmad Kadyrov.