The Prosecutor General’s office allowed the regions to ban non-alcoholic energy

Restrictions on the sale of non-alcoholic energy drinks, which were introduced in the regions of Russia, were legitimate, writes “Kommersant”. This is stated in the letter from the Deputy Minister of justice Mikhail Galperin Commissioner for entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov, a copy of which was in the order of publication. The justice Ministry confirmed the fact of sending the letter.

In September Titov has sent a request to check the legality of the ban sale of drinks in the Altai, in the Crimea, Tuva, Zabaykalsky Krai and Omsk region. In these regions they prohibited the sale of energy drinks to minors, as well as in children’s, medical, educational and other institutions and during cultural events with the participation of youth up to 18 years.

The Ministry of justice came to the conclusion that all the input regions restrictions on the sale were legitimate. “By results of carrying out legal and anticorruption examinations, these regional acts found to be consistent with the Constitution and Federal legislation”, — stated in the document.

The Department explained that at the Federal level, the sale of energy drinks is not regulated, therefore, the regions are entitled to impose their own requirements to trade.

Dmitry Petrov, the President of the Union of producers of soft drinks and mineral waters, which includes Red Bull, PepsiCo (Drive Me energy and Adrenaline Rush) and Coca-Cola (Burn), told “Kommersant” that in the organization are disappointed by the decision of officials. He recalled that in 2009 and 2015, the Supreme court ruled that restrictions on the sale of any goods shall be levied only on the Federal level.

“This situation creates a very dangerous precedent when the regional authorities to impose bans on the basis of data from official research and on unverified information from the Internet,” explained Petrov, noting that in the future can be banned and any other goods.

In the apparatus Titov made that will include this issue in annual report to President Vladimir Putin.

According to the Ministry of justice, restrictions on the sale of power engineers operate in 38 regions. However, according to Euromonitor, in 2015 the market volume in Russia increased by 13.1% to 28,59 billion rubles, drew attention to the publication.