The Turkish foreign Ministry summoned the U.S. Ambassador following allegations the state Department on the Syrian Kurds

The Turkish foreign Ministry summoned the U.S. Ambassador in Ankara John bass after the statements made by the representative of state Department declared that Washington does not consider the Syrian Kurdish party of Democratic Union (PYD) as a terrorist organization. About this Reuters said the representative of the Turkish foreign Ministry.

Earlier Tuesday, state Department spokesman John Kirby during a briefing said: “There is nothing new, as I have already said, that we were offered the Turkish side. We, as you know, does not recognize the PYD as a terrorist organization”.

Kirby’s statement came in response to a request to comment on the statement by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who offered US to choose as their ally, either Turkey, or the party of the Syrian Kurds PYD. “How can we trust you? Who are your partners — we or these terrorists in Kobani?” said last week Erdogan.

Kirby confirmed to Reuters that U.S. Ambassador to Turkey John bass met with senior Turkish officials Wednesday, but details of the conversation, he refused to disclose. He reiterated that the United States had not changed its position on the PYD.

Ankara sees the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union is the same terrorist organization as the Kurdistan workers ‘ party. Turkey believes that these organizations are closely related. Washington, in turn, divides the two organizations and provides support to the fighting in Syria to the Kurds.