Assistant Kadyrov told about a “unique” sense of humor of the head of Chechnya

Press Secretary of the head of Chechnya, Alvi Karimov in his interview to “Russian news service” commented on the photo with the singer Nikolai Baskov, which Ramzan Kadyrov has published in his Instagram after the leader of the party PARNAS threw a cake at a restaurant in Moscow.

“Humour in Ramzan Akhmatovich is very thin, it does not lie on the surface. He’s just unique, on the level of folklore who lives for centuries. Unfortunately, not all sense of humor. Even if he says something humorous, there are people who take it seriously, on its own account. Humor, too, need to understand,” said a spokesman for Kadyrov.

The day before Kadyrov has published in his Instagram photo of the singer Nikolai Baskov, who is standing next to Kadyrov and his associates, with face smeared with cake. “After Nikolai Baskov threw the cake, he still complains, running on all international authorities and requests the repetition of the Banquet) )) )”, — said Kadyrov in comments to the photo (spelling and punctuation preserved).

The photo was published the next day after it became known about the attack on Kasyanov in Moscow restaurant. As he told the politician himself, two men of “non-Slavic appearance” you threw a cake shouting “you’re the enemy” and “we’ll take them”.

“I think today’s attack is in direct connection with the fact that Kadyrov posted a threat to me and I filed a complaint to the investigative Committee and the FSB,” — said Kasyanov.

The attack on the leader of the PARNAS comes one week after Kadyrov posted on Instagram the video, which Kasyanov was shown with a visual effect “under the gun”. “Kasyanov arrived in Strasbourg for the money to Russian opposition. Whoever does not understand, he will understand”, — was stated in the comments of the head of Chechnya.

Kasyanov after the publication of the movie appealed to the FSB demanding to initiate a criminal case against Kadyrov under three articles of the Criminal code — attempt on the life of gosdeyateley, calls for extremist activities and organization of an extremist organization. After the attack in the restaurant, the leader of the PARNAS went to the police. Yesterday the representative a press-services of capital Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs reported that the Kasyanov investigation is in the framework of administrative law.

After the edition “Caucasian policy” placed in your account in Instagram image Kasyanov with a quote from the statement of policy regarding the possible involvement of Kadyrov to attack him, the head of Chechnya in the comments wrote: “) )) ) again I) )) )!?”, and later in the social network posted a photo Baskova with cake on his face.