For sanitation of Bank “the trust” will allocate a little additional money

The head of ASV Yury Isayev said that the additional money for sanitation of Bank “the trust” can be selected at a minimum. He noted that decisions on re-contest for sanitation of Bank “the trust” yet. “The question on additional financing to carry it all, we think the Central Bank. While no decision”, — he said. Isayev also said that the possibility of additional funding in the case of the imbalance was laid at the competition initially,” said Isaev.

Isaev considers a question on additional financing to be justified, however, says that there is no need to make a decision within weeks or months. Describing the situation in the Bank, the head of the DIA noted that during the rehabilitation of the investor — Bank “FC Opening” — replaced expensive deposits market and reduced the cost of staff and office rent. “But new holes have appeared,” said Isaev.

The head of the DIA also said that in this case the ability to ask for more funds for sanitation was provided to SMP Bank, which sanitizes the Mosoblbank. In both cases, this possibility was due to the fact that the decision was taken in a tight time frame. “All creditors will never be reviewed in a week”, — said Isaev.

It was previously reported that the Central Bank will announce about holding of second contest for sanitation of Bank “the trust”. This is done to provide “OTKRITIE” extra credit.

Bank “OTKRITIE”, which won the contest for sanitation of “Trust” over a year ago, appealed to the DIA for an additional loan of 50 billion rubles “But the Central Bank cannot issue additional credit if it is not approved the plan of reorganization, so the competition will be held again,” said a source close to the Central Bank. In addition, in the first contest there were other participants who estimated the costs of sanitation of “Trust” in greater than “FC OTKRITIE”, the amount, but that is why lost — they may not understand additional funding on sanitation, said a source close to the Central Bank. “FC Opening” then praised the sanitation of “Trust” to 127 billion rubles, Alfa-Bank believed that it will cost more than 150 billion rubles, said one of the bankers. The banker who heard about the contest from the Central Bank, said then that conditions rehabilitation “Trust” did not envisage the possibility to apply for additional assistance.

At the end of 2014 the Central Bank estimated the hole in the capital of “Trust” in 68 bn After a temporary administration by the Deposit insurance Agency have studied in detail the condition of the Bank, has assessed the collateral for these loans, the hole increased to 114 billion rubles. In particular, it was found that on a number of projects money has been issued in greater volume than is actually required. The interior Ministry opened a criminal case against several former top managers of “Trust”. According to the investigation, they made a fictitious loan agreements with Cyprus registered companies, which was transferred of € 7.05 billion rubles and totaled $118.3 million As the newspaper Kommersant, the main Investigation Department of GU Ministry of internal Affairs across Moscow has directed to the Tver district court of Moscow the petition for correspondence arrest of the owners of Bank “the trust” Ilya jurov, Nikolai Fetisov and Sergey Belyaev.