For the position of head of Vnesheconombank designate the Vice-Gref

As part of the reform of its current VEB head Vladimir Dmitriev can be replaced by another Manager. As one of the candidates to this position is called the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Sergey Gorkov. This was reported by a source close to the VEB, as well as another source close to state Corporation. A source close to Sberbank, confirmed the information about the possible appointment of a Gor for the position of head of Vnesheconombank.

Sergey Gorkov, graduated from the FSB Academy, he worked in senior HR positions in oil companies “Yukos” and “Yukos-Moscow”. In November 2008 he became Director of the HR policy Department of Sberbank, and in October of 2010 — Deputy Chairman.

“There [in the beginning] will need these skills: knowledge of the external debt as VEB’s borrowings and relationships with foreign financial institutions, large non-performing loans, non-core assets, says a source close to Rosatom, the reason for the choice of the Gor. — He [Gorkov] easy-going, engaged the entire Ukrainian problem, is responsible in “Savings” for relations with financial institutions, all international purchases of the state Bank. Gref trusts him. He’s a native and secret service”.

The government notes that as head of VEB’s still have several candidates and the final selection is made. Remains and option in which Vladimir Dmitriev will be able to keep his post, adds the source close to VEB.

Earlier, another source close to VEB said that the country’s leadership intends to put at the head of the state Corporation experienced Manager. “If possible, [Herman] Gref. Since this is unrealistic, then one of his deputies, which Gref word”. The caller said that the government considered for the position of Chairman of VEB first Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Maxim Poletayev, but he refused. Poletaev declined to comment. The interlocutor has noticed that “short sheet” was also the name of the Chairman of the Board of JSC “SOGAZ” Sergei Ivanov, the son of the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov. However, Ivanov denied this information, passing through the press service that “all this is untrue and my plans on completing implementation of projects in the SOGAZ”

The press service of the savings Bank in response to the inquiry reported that “Sergey N. Gorkov currently works in the Bank as Deputy Chairman of the Board. Oversees and coordinates the work of the unit “International operations”. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov declined to comment. Also received the press service of the Bank. A spokesman for Prime Minister Natalia Timakova said that she know nothing about it.

According to the law on the web, its chair can be dismissed early by the President of Russia. Dmitriev current contract expires in mid-2017. The new Chairman of VEB is appointed also by the President, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board is VEB’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Vladimir Dmitriev came in the Vnesheconombank of the USSR (since 2007 — state Corporation “Bank for development and foreign economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)”) in 1997 to the post of first Deputy Chairman, and in 2004 led the organization.

At the end of November the newspaper “Vedomosti” wrote that the Chairman of Vnesheconombank Vladimir Dmitriev, the government is looking for a replacement, as candidates on this post the article was called the first Deputy Chairman of VEB, the Russian export Director of the center Pyotr Fradkov, first zamestitel the Chairman of Vnesheconombank Mikhail Poluboyarinov, and a former Deputy economic development Minister Kirill Androsov. However, at the end of last month she announced that Dmitriev met with President Vladimir Putin and enlisted their support. “The Chairman of Vnesheconombank Vladimir Dmitriev retained his post, his resignation is no longer under discussion”, — said the newspaper “Vedomosti” in an article dated January 26.

The new Bank will have to rebuild the financial position of the Corporation, which is now in tears. The web in 2014 and the first nine months of 2015, reported a loss in accordance with IFRS for a total amount of 383 billion rubles, but the plan of rehabilitation of the development Bank began discussing in December 2015, after President Vladimir Putin said that many development institutions has become a “dumping ground for bad debts”.

VEB of about $18 billion foreign debt, of which $3 billion due in 2016, and bad assets worth billions of dollars, including Olympic construction and loans for the financing of the Ukrainian metallurgy, issued before 2014. Officials have estimated the total amount of funds needed by the VEB, 1.2—1.5 trillion rubles, but to allocate the same amount at a time is impossible. According to Reuters, in 2016 Vnesheconombank can only receive 100-200 billion rubles from the budget. Under this option, the web in the course of the year will be to sell a depreciating liquid assets, which include a 2.7% stake in Gazprom ADR (current value — about $1 billion), and the state will cover the VEB losses — the difference between the purchase price and the sale of the asset.

So, one of the first issues the new Chairman will be deducing from-under VEB of its subsidiaries, including banks, GLOBEXBANK and Sviaz-Bank, which the Corporation bought in 2008 for the purpose of rehabilitation. One of the elements of improvement, VEB is the transfer of the Bank “Russian capital”, which is 100% owned by the state Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA). The government is discussing the option of selling these assets at market value determined by an independent appraiser, DIA. The proceeds from the transaction will be used to repay the obligations of the Vnesheconombank from the Bank of Russia. According to a source close to the VEB, the state Bank’s new plan to generate in 2017.

In VEB’s Supervisory Board consists of the Chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev, first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, Deputy Prime Ministers Arkady Dvorkovich, Dmitry Kozak, Alexander Khloponin, presidential aide Andrei Belousov, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, economic development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev, the Chairman of Vnesheconombank Alexander Dmitriev.

With the participation of Peter Mironenko