In Chechnya will be a center for training special forces with the school, prison and subway

Under the Gudermes in Chechnya, built a center for training fighters special forces on the territory of which will have the whole town to practice the release of the hostages. On the TV channel “Russia-1” told in the film “Terrorism under the gun”, which aired February 10.

Tactical city that will be built for training exercises of special forces, will include a school, a cinema, and even jail. In addition, under the city will pave the communication of which, as was stated in the movie, “the hardest thing to smoke out the terrorists”. For practicing the release of hostages in there which will install a passenger plane, bus and even subway train.

The training center will be private, it is expected that there will be trained representatives of all power departments of Russia.

Previously the channel showed excerpts from this film, which told about special forces undergoing training in Chechnya. The sensation caused heard in the film confession of the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov about the fact that at the very beginning of the civil war in Syria, even before the formation of the “Islamic state”, he received information about the establishment of a middle East special training camps for training militants professing Wahhabism, “the instructors there were from NATO countries.”

The film was said that these camps were “embedded intelligence agents from the Chechen Republic,” according to the film. “Still in Russia didn’t know. But I didn’t know that ISIS will be there to be called. I knew that preparing for such groups, because I deliberately sent their people to verify whether it is true. And our guys practice sessions were held at NATO bases and launched the Syrian state,” — said Kadyrov.

There, said the head of Chechnya, were sent to the best fighters of the Republic that collect information about the structure, the number of terrorists, identify targets for bombing and record their results, say the authors of the film.

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the story, stated that “the Ministry of defense of Russia has repeatedly explained, who is in Syria, and what’s doing”. Later the press-Secretary of Chechen leader Alvi Karimov said Kadyrov never said that in Syria, the war staff of some of the Chechen special forces.

In addition, the source of “Interfax” in the Chechen leadership said that in the words of Kadyrov spoke about the volunteers, “self-organized groups of young people” who decided to stand up against terrorists. None of them, noted the source, “not a serviceman of the armed forces or employee of the interior Ministry of Russia”. The Agency interlocutor also said that Kadyrov “has never said that in Syria there is staff of special forces of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation stationed on the territory of the Chechen Republic”.