In the Kremlin called “gadyushnik” demolished pavilions at metro

The head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov supported the decision of Moscow authorities on the demolition of the retail pavilions. This opinion he expressed in an interview with reporters, reports “Interfax”.

“These them? have no relation to the so-called small businesses, as a rule, are hotbeds of crime and unsanitary conditions,” – says the head of the presidential administration.

Answering a question of journalists, Ivanov said that many owners of these points have received only temporary permission for their construction. The head of the presidential administration noted that most of these structures are located on a major transport and energy communications. According to Ivanov, any business, whether small or large, must first be civilized. He also urged not to forget “about such concepts as architecture and aesthetics”.

Ivanov also expressed the view that”in place of the demolished kiosks and other buildings should be built instead, including Parking.” “These territories should be returned to its historical appearance, and new squares and open spaces of Moscow only beautify,” said Ivanov.

Large-scale demolition of trade pavilions in Moscow began on the night of 8 to 9 February. According to the state Inspectorate for real estate, demolition got 97 out of 104 objects previously made in the corresponding decree of the city authorities.