Kasyanov pelted with eggs in Vladimir

Politician Mikhail Kasyanov threw eggs at activists of the people’s liberation movement (GCD), the correspondent of TASS. It happened when he went into the building for a meeting with journalists in Vladimir, where he arrived for a visit.

According to the Agency, a few dozen eggs flew policy in the back when he came out of the car. Before the press conference, the activists NOD organized the rally. During it, they shouted slogans, demanding Kasyanov to go abroad.

Twitter user Ilya Kosygin wrote that activists of NOD snow blocked the approaches to the press center, where I was supposed to go through a meeting with Kasyanov told reporters. On the PARNASSUS website has also published photos in which snow removal equipment fills up the approach to the building with snow.

Two days ago, Kasyanov — the President of the opposition party PARNAS — was also attacked. The politician in conversation with the correspondent said that two people approached “non-Slavic appearance” you threw a cake shouting “you’re the enemy” and “we’ll take them”. After that, according to the Chairman of PARNAS, the attackers went outside, where they waited for about 20 people.

The politician stressed that “the attack is in direct connection with the fact that [Chechen leader Ramzan] Kadyrov had posted threats to me and I filed a complaint to the investigative Committee and the FSB.” The head of the Republic said Kasyanov. To the post of the edition “Caucasian policy” in Instagram, the leader of Chechnya left a comment: “) )) ) again I) )) )?!” (spelling author saved).

Before LifeNews published a video of the attack. The video shows how two people — one with the cake in hand, another with a telephone — approach the Chairman of party PARNASSUS who is sitting in the restaurant. One, approaching politics, throwing in his face the cake, and the second removes what is happening on the phone.