Medvedev: the introduction of contracti was profitable for Russian farmers

Medvedev: the introduction of contracti was profitable for Russian farmers

GORKI, February 11. The introduction of the contracti was profitable for Russian farmers, they quickly oriented in a situation.

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This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a government meeting.

“The introduction of the contracti was profitable for our farmers. You have to admit this is for sure: they quickly oriented in a new environment, were able to occupy vacant niches in the market”, – he stated.

“Measures on import substitution in agriculture, which we have adopted in the last year and a half, helped to keep the growth rate of the industry,” – also said Medvedev.

“Strong growth even in economic recession”

Medvedev noted that agriculture is now one of the few industries that “have continued a fairly steady growth even in conditions of General economic decline”.

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The Prime Minister reminded that last year collected more than 104 million tons of grain. The situation has improved in the livestock increased production of meat and poultry. “We have made significant, I think, a success from the point of view of food security in recent years,” he said. He noted that Russia fully provides itself not only grains, but potatoes, sugar, vegetable oil, and meat and products from it. Moreover, among the problems Medvedev called milk, vegetables and fruits. “There is something to pull”, – said the Prime Minister.

The head of government stressed that to improve the situation need to ensure that farmers were provided quality seeds and develop breeding. According to him, these fields will be given priority in the program of import substitution.

Of subsidies in agriculture

The Prime Minister demanded better able to make decisions on subsidies to farmers.

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Tkachev: the amount of funding farmers in 2017-2018 should be increased to 40 billion rubles.

“We need to make decisions quickly (on subsidies), he said, speaking at a government meeting. Now we have the month of February, we realize that a grant to the village – and there is a cyclic production, it is of seasonal character – in the second half of the year is often meaningless money.”

The Prime Minister said that at a government meeting on Thursday will be distributed grants totaling more than 31 billion roubles.

According to the head of the government, on 11 February, he will hold a meeting on the effectiveness of the spending of government departments and state-owned companies. “We are today at another meeting, on the effectiveness of expenditure controls, government spending, our public organizations, companies with state participation will be discussing all that is, including a large amount of ineffective expenditures and receivables”, – he said at a government meeting.

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